Been a busy day.

And it’s not over yet. Probably won’t have much of anything new beyond this entry today. Had planned on getting a couple of things up, but life got in the way.

More when I have time. For now consider this an open thread.

15 thoughts on “Been a busy day.

  1. Well the only thoughts I have are on this article below, Since I read it, It has been stuck in my head. If I had read, Teen Kills Mom, or Teen Stabs Mom, Teen kicks mom down a flight of stairs. It would have just been the normal sick news that is becoming a custom in the US. But this is just too much…I mean really “WTF” His own mom..Apparently but sadly so.

    Teen Arrested for Raping His Mother
    Oct 28, 2006 12:36 PM WSFA Montgomery, AL

    Albertville, Ala.—Police say a Marshall County teen raped his mother to get revenge on his brother.

    Police say 19-year-old Gary Helms, Jr., raped his 45-year-old mother this past weekend at Willow Terrace Trailer Park on Doyle Drive in Albertville.

    It’s a twisted crime that police say Helms admits.

    “From what we understand the rape stemmed from an argument between him and his brother. And apparently they were arguing over a girlfriend. And the rape was some sort of retaliation towards his brother,” said Sgt. Jamie Smith of the Albertville Police Department.

    It was unusual retaliation on an unsuspecting victim.

    Authorities say Helms’ mother was apparently passed out drunk on the couch when the rape started.

    “During the attack she did come to and recognize her attacker. (Reporter: As her son?) As her son,” said Smith.

    That’s when, according to the police report, the mother “tried to get away, but he held her down until he was finished.”

    “It’s totally sick is what it is,” said Smith.

    Helms was arrested and charged with the 1st degree rape of his own mother.

    Smith says it’s hard to wrap your mind around.

    “Shocked, shocked would be more a better way to describe it. That somebody would dip to the lows to do something of this nature. It’s just pretty much a shock to the conscience of the general public,” said Smith.

    Helms is being held in the Marshall County Jail on $100,000 bond.

  2. Personally, I don’t understand why thats more horrible than any other rape case.
    Not all people love their mothers, so why is it assumed that he was inherently ‘insane’ enough to “OMG RAPE HIS OWN MOTHER!?”
    Not saying it wasn’t a stupid/bad crime, I just don’t like the connotation associated with it.
    (This probably isn’t sounding the way it should.)

  3. So who here has had Big League Chew in the last year or so.  I haven’t had it in awhile, that stuff is damn hard to find.

  4. Webs –
    I haven’t had that stuff in about 20 years, but I think I saw it on sale a few weeks ago at the local Sprawl (er, Wal) mart here in western NY.  Apparently it’s pretty popular with rednecks.

  5. I can’t help but wonder what life behind bars for this (Motherfucker) will be like. And ( Dr. M ) I am not suggestion this is the worse crime of the century, I just think that anyone that Fucks their own mother is right up at the top of the heap with some of the sickest.

  6. Hmmm… I will have to check that out.  I suppose I could look online and find it too.

    Man we need to get this open thread rolling.  Ok everyone post a link to the funniest YouTube, Google Video, (Any online video service) video you have ever seen.

    Here is one of my favs: Badass Soccer MOM!
    This guy put a viper engine in the sucker and has one of the fastest street legal cars you will see.

    I can only think of how much fun I would have with a car like that! LOL

  7. Doctor M: Personally, I don’t understand why thats more horrible than any other rape case.

    Well, his mother did bring him into the world, and assumedly she has been his nurturer. That might have something to do with it (plus, people generally don’t care for incest).

  8. He musta been a sick muthu-fucker !  LOL
    I’m sorry – some satanic bastard just took me over… it’s just sat there for hours waiting for a crass muthu-fucker to comment … and I did.  wink

  9. There are different kinds of rapes ranging in nastiness (in no particlar order).. violent rape, date rape, child rape. I could probably go on.

    What would make this more disturbing perhaps is the idea of screwing your own mother (any incestual rape is one of the more disturbing in my mind) and the motive.

  10. All rapes violate the basic trust that needs to exist between humans for society to exist and function.  This one also violates a familial trust against assaulting family members, AND it violates a powerful cultural taboo against incest. 

    “Worse” than other rapes?  At a certain point there’s probably no way to measure.  The sense of violation is subjective and therefore individual, and the resiliance of each victim variable.

  11. Well it speaks volumes as a mental health issue, a person that would fuck their own mother, is bad enough, but to rape your own mother is even worse. This guy would probably fuck a woodpile if he thought there was a snake in it. If only he had had a good goat to turn to.

  12. He did it to get even with his brother?  WTF?  “You always did like mom best?”  I guess he couldn’t rape his brother, that would be wrong.

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