Be “Hellboy” for Halloween.

If I were a little taller and a little more physically fit I’d so spend the $50 this Hellboy Deluxe Adult Costume costs.

It comes with everything you need: Coat with attached shirt, belt, headpiece, face make-up, and the stone hand. Throw on a pair of black jeans and you’re good to go. Me, if I were to dress up like that I’d end up looking more like HellBob, his older, shorter, and fatter cousin from Philly. Plus I’d have to shave off my beard or I’d look even more like his cousin.


24 thoughts on “Be “Hellboy” for Halloween.

  1. I want to dress up as Poisen Ivy from the batman movie the spouse wants me to dress as the mom from the incredibles…Its all the about super hero theme in our family this year.

  2. Maybe I could be Lex Luthor but that would be too obscure – a guy with a shaved head, in a suit.  Who ‘u spozed ta be, again?

    Mmmmmm… ElastiGirl (OK, Holly Hunter – drooool)

  3. Would love to see either at my door.  How many people recognized Emma Peel?

    Les – maybe one of your Photoshop buddies will do an SEB header with you as Hellboy.

  4. Les, you’d be one scary cousin from Philly wink

    Now there is just one thing about this post that strikes me as very odd:

    > Coat with attached shirt,

    So the shirt is, like fake? Is there only the front to it? Like those clip-on ties?


  5. Benior: But perhaps I’ll get a different wig.

    Oh, I don’t know, mate … you looked kinda cute.  LOL

  6. Oh, I don’t know, mate … you looked kinda cute.  LOL

    You know, when I was at a club that night, on two occasions men were about to approach me from behind until realizing at the last second that I was a guy and nonchalantly walking away.

  7. and nonchalantly walking away

    Betcha smiled your saucy little smile at their retreating arses, too.  LOL

  8. Being in Oz where we dont celebrate halloween i’m a little confused .. I thought only the kiddies got dressed up (no offence meant)
    Any excuse for a party though I guess wink

  9. Being in Oz where we dont celebrate halloween i’m a little confused .. I thought only the kiddies got dressed up (no offence meant)

    What?  No Halloween?  BLASPHEMY! (well, metaphorically).

    I love Halloween.  I haven’t been trick-or-treating since I was fifteen, but I still love a good Halloween party.  2 years ago I was Indiana Jones and last year I was Braveheart (I was also wearing a second costume both times, that of a remarkably drunk young man).  This year I’m going as a punk: preppy clothes, but Ima get my hair cut into an honest-to-god mohawk, wear black nail polish and heavy black eye makeup (a first).  I won’t be drunk but it should still be a good time.

  10. Frumpa, when I was a kid some 30 years ago or so Halloween was primarily a kid’s holiday and the few adults who did dress up generally did it when they were handing out candy.

    As the years have passed the popularity of Halloween among adults has grown in the U.S. such that I believe it’s the second most popular holiday at this point (Christmas being the first) and the sixth largest money maker—Christmas, ($435.3 billion) Valentine’s Day ($13.19 billion), Mother’s Day ($11.43 billion), Easter ($9.6 billion), Father’s Day ($8.23 billion) and Halloween ($3.3 Billion). Some observers link it to the aging Baby Boomer population, but I’m more inclined to think it’s my generation that’s the main cause. At this point more than 1/3 of adults and more than half of young-adults (18-24) are likely to dress up this year according to the folks at American Greetings which I linked to above.

    As always Wikipedia has an entry on Halloween which is full of good info including other places outside of the U.S. where it’s celebrated.

  11. It’s quite controversial over here (well relatively). Many people object as it appears to be just another US import to make pointless people money (‘Hey I know- why don’t we have a 2nd Cousin Twice removed day’). I don’t like trick or treaters- why should I give a stranger sweets to stop him/her playing some prank. It’s not a celebration of anything here really- just another idea the national chains have managed to sell the public.

  12. Halloween does have certain virtues.  You get to play a bit of fantasy, and overcome the strictures of daily propriety to some extent.  If you are creative, the cost is minimal.  And best of all, the literal-thinking bible-thumpers really make fools of themselves over it, which is entertaining to watch.

  13. Halloween was never a big deal to me as a child (I wasn’t a particularly big fan of candy). It hasn’t been since I’ve become an adult that I’ve attended costume parties and general orgies of fun.

    DOF: How many people recognized Emma Peel?

    At that particular party, most people recognized me as Emma Peel (with my partner John naturally dressed as Steed). I stopped at a gas station before the party, however, and the clerk thought that I was Catwoman.

  14. Les,

    Hellboy in his comic book form doesn’t look nearly as muscular as the movie version. His creator actually draws him looking faily dumpy most of the time, so you should let your body stop you. It’s all about the attitude that comes from being a Hellborn, demonspawn, monster basher with a love for cats.
        Speaking of comic books folks. I have 50 storage boxes out in the garage full of comics. If anybody is in the market for some just let me know. I may have a specific title you’re looking for, or I can throw together a surprise box of any number you want for a low low price. Surprise boxes of comics make great gifts for the young boys in your home.  (Or the guys my age….mid-thirties. Possibly answering to the name Fan-Boy)
        I was Iron-Man for halloween last year, but since his movie hasn’t been released yet, nobody but guys my age had any idea who I was supposed to be. Everybody kept saying “Hey look at Wolverine and Mr. Incredible!” (My buddies Andy and Fred) and “Who’s the guy in the red?”

  15. Hellboy is one of those comic series I kept meaning to buy and never got around to, but then that’s true of most comics. I may have to break down and buy a couple of the trade paper backs if I get the chance.

  16. KPG: If I may say so myself, the costume turned out pretty damned good (which was more than I was expecting). Still, in my opinion it was John who looked the cutest with his makeshift bowler hat and umbrella.  smile

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