Attack of the True Believers.

Someone must be praying for me on a Christian message board someplace as suddenly I’ve got two more True Believers™ sending me email trying to show me the error of my ways. One just did a big cut and paste of a Creationist spam mail with the attention grabbing headline: Are You Being Brainwashed? Propaganda In Science School Textbooks. It was your usual “Evolution is false” bullshit so I replied, chopped out almost the entire email other than the headline, and said “You and your email are full of shit.” Amazingly enough, the dude responded. I replied once more and he’s replied a third time. I might post them later, but I’m short on time.

The other person was a woman who took a much more gentile approach and I responded in kind. She has since written back and I’ve not replied to it yet, but I’ve been formulating my reply carefully as she’s been quite polite even if it is all stuff I’ve been told a thousand times already (e.g. if you are looking for logical proof that God exists then I don’t believe you are ever going to find it). Don’t know if I’ll bother posting those as they’re not as amusing due to their sincerity, though they may be good examples of how not all Christians are like asshats when they try to engage you.

Gotta go to one of my sister-in-laws’ today for her birthday so I don’t have much time at the moment. More later if I can manage it.

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  1. Almost off topic, but has anyone here listened to the Non-Prophets radio show?  It’s out of Texas, and it’s basically a bunch of Atheists in Austin Texas doing a very not-safe for work podcast.  They are tied to the Atheist Community of Austin, and the Atheist Experience Public access tv show that is broadcast there (also available on podcast).  I’ve been listening to them for about a year (both shows), and they’re great.  Anyway, check them out The Non-Prophets Radio Show  and The Atheist Experience TV Show.

  2. Les: Don’t know if I’ll bother posting those as they’re not as amusing due to their sincerity, though they may be good examples of how not all Christians are like asshats when they try to engage you.

    In some ways they’re harder to deal – you feel you have to be nice because words like childish (as well as many apt words I deleted) are far too confronting.
    In other words, natural language is inhibited; you become an actor.
    Then again we act all the time, don’t we?
    At work is different to in the supermarket is different to the little old lady neighbour down the road which is different to some fuckwit who annoys the crap outa you.
    So my comment is just a mental wank.  LOL

  3. I’m a long time Sinfest fan, but it’s been awhile since I thought to stop by the site. Thanks for reminding me that I’m behind in my reading.

  4. Yeah, I got some spam along those lines a few days ago.  I deleted it off as regular spam, but now that you mentioned it, I wonder if they harvested email addys off the site.

  5. My sister-in-law is a Jehova’s Witness and I gotta tell ya they are a real pain in the ass. The s.O.B.‘s NEVER give up.
    I think I’ll have to kill her to get some peace.

  6. Thanks for the link to Sinfest, Iambic.  It was new to me, and it’s refreshingly and democratically rude to just about everybody.

    moses- one would think that the JWs be a bit chastened after having predicted the end of the world at least five times (incorrectly so far), but they’re still going strong.  They seem to have turned over the prophecy business to their offshoot, the Lords’ Witnesses, who have predicted the nuking of New York (to date) thirteen times, so far incorrectly, as far as I know (any New Yorkers out there?).  Their next nuke date is tomorrow (Oct. 10, 2006) before sundown.  I’ve been trying to gently dissuade them, as an experiment, but so far without results.  They seem to be impervious to, or ignorant of, or disdainful about, reason.  At least, they seem relatively harmless and peaceable.

  7. At least, they seem relatively harmless and peaceable.

    That’s always a plus.  smile

  8. That’s always a plus.

    “Being thankful for small favors” is how I look at it.  Of course, we can only hope they are thoughtful enough to leave their cars in the garage on the Day of the Rapture…

  9. In my experience, no matter what pseudo-logical argument anyone uses for creationism/ID, back them into a corner with real logic and they’ll always fall back on “Evolution clashes with my bible world-view.” and they simply reject it, no argument, no logic.  Just ‘poof’.

  10. Zilch: leave their cars in the garage

    With the keys in cos I don’t know how to ‘steal’ a car. smile

    You guys should really read End of Faith

    Did … first third was excellent, 2nd third was alright, last third was … crap. wink

  11. I’m most of the way through End of Faith. I probably would’ve finished it by now, but I’m also finding the last third of the book difficult to swallow.

  12. That’s what faith is all about, no logic.

    That’s what pisses me off with these Fundamentalists. When they’re cornered for lack of evidence or logic, their catch-all defense is

    “Take it on Faith”


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