Your pool needs its own inflatable 15’ tall iceberg.

Some day when I become a rich and famous blogger, or win the lottery (I’m not picky), I’ll have a huge pool and in that pool I will place this wicked cool Inflatable Iceberg and then I’ll invite you all over for a pool party. Check this baby out:

Three sides of the iceberg are climbing walls that range in difficulty from novice to expert and the fourth side is a giant slide. Obviously you need a big pool for something like this and a spare $8,000 or so to buy the iceberg itself, which is why I’ll need to be rich first. Where the hell was this thing when I was a kid?

And as long as I’m dreaming of what I’d buy if I were rich I should mention that the perfect companion to this would be the Inflatable Titanic slide I wrote about back in April of 2005. Though that already comes with it’s own iceberg and isn’t a pool toy.

5 thoughts on “Your pool needs its own inflatable 15’ tall iceberg.

  1. Last year near Halloween one of the local pumpkin patches had a very similar, (if not the exact one,) Titanic inflatable slide as the one you mentioned here. I will look for it this year, and grab a shot of it if I can. It was way cool.

  2. wow!  just wow!  i’d so fly out for your pool party.  or, then again, you would be one of the few who could actually afford to buy a house here in Silicon Valley.  wink

  3. Oh god imagine playing king of the hill.

    In fact I think this is seriously supposed to be a king of the hill device. Imagine the epic struggle to reach the top only to be pushed off in an epic maneuver.

  4. We’ll add it to our pool as soon as that cool million comes along to enable us to build a pool (after buying the house and property, lol).

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