World of Warcraft Machinima - Illegal Danish: Super Snacks

This has been out since last April, but I somehow missed it. It’s a 20 minute video made using World of Warcraft and a lot of patience. It was produced by the folks at Myndflame and if you really want to appreciate it in all its glory you should go to their website and download the high resolution version. This is an exceptionally well done and amusing video and I’m looking forward to part 2, but considering that this first one took some 1500 hours to make it’s probably safe to say the sequel may be a while yet. Even if you don’t play WoW you’ll probably still find this amusing. And if you do play then it should be highly amusing.

Update: The high rez version has at least one scene I don’t recall seeing in the smaller version above.

1 thought on “World of Warcraft Machinima - Illegal Danish: Super Snacks

  1. Very amusing!

    I am impressed with the technical skills of the creator(s).  I wonder how much they could have been paid to accomplish a project requiring similar skills in the time it took to create this piece?

    I still think “Shut Up and Dance” is the best WOW Machinima (music video) I’ve seen.

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