What Was That Condi…

Rice Boils Over!  Apparently Condi gets upset when someone makes her boss look like a jackass.  Someone like say… oh Bill Clinton. 

Condi: What we did in the eight months was at least as aggressive as what the Clinton administration did in the preceding years. 

I find it amazing that she has the audacity to contradict facts.

O’BRIEN: Much of his [Dick Clarke’s] indictment against the administration seems to be that he felt or feels that President Bush was wrongly focused on Iraq. He says that he had a conversation with President Bush, told him there is no connection between Iraq and al Qaeda. The president, he describes him as being very single-minded in his purpose, and told him, go find out if there is a connection. Did that conversation ever happen?

RICE: Well, I didn’t—I can’t recollect such a conversation, but it’s not surprising that the president wanted to know if we were going to retaliate, against whom are we going to retaliate? And, of course, Iraq, given our history, given the fact that they tried to kill a former president, was a likely suspect.

Really, even though Dick Clarke, which no one will argue, was the only counter-terrorism expert between Reagan and 9/11, said there was no connection and that Bin Laden was a real threat.  But yet Bush still wanted to find a connection.  Sounds like busy work for Clarke to me.  The same kind administrators, give to those that they would like to fire but can’t, in the hopes the person will leave or quit.

But let me tell you what the president was really worried about in those few days after September 11, the first few days. He was concerned about a follow-on attack. And so, we were doing everything that we could to try and harden the country to deal with borders. He was concerned to reassure the American people. He was talking to his economic advisers about how to get Wall Street back up and running so that the terrorists couldn’t collapse the economy. He was concerned about how to get aviation flying again safely and, in particular, how to deal with Reagan National Airport. He was concerned about against whom we would retaliate.

That’s all fine and dandy, but wouldn’t a lot of that be something to do before the attack?  Wouldn’t sealing up the borders be important to prevent an attack?  But hey what do I know?  I am just a graduate student with plenty of years ahead of me.

I really don’t know what Richard Clarke’s motivations are, but I’ll tell you this: Richard Clarke had plenty of opportunities to tell us in the administration that he thought the war on terrorism was moving in the wrong direction, and he chose not to.

WHAT?  Am I the only one outraged by this.  Maybe you jackasses could have done something about 9/11 if he told you that he thought your terrorism plan was moving in the wrong direction?  Un-fucking believable!  What about the memo?  What about the countless times he tried to meet with you all but was cock blocked because he had to go through a chain of command, and his position was downgraded?  What about the meeting you had with Clinton’s adviser?  And on and on…

Well enough of my rant.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out the work Olbermann did: No Comprehensive Strategy huh…

Thanks Crooks and Liars

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  1. The bottom line for me is that al Qaeda didn’t have oil and Iraq did, as well as the fact the Saudis didn’t like Iraq so their Bull$hitman had to do something to appease them.
    Follow the money.  wink

  2. Hey guys…

    John, you are right, but if you do a little research on what Chenney and his henchmen were after in Afghanistan, it wasn’t just a distraction. They wanted to build an oil pipeline through the Caspian Sea. They had asked the Taliban on numerous occaissions if they could build it and the Taliban told them to go f*ck themselves. So…they tore them a new one and…you guessed it…immediately went about building the pipeline.

    ” The region that is of highest priority to the Bush administration and probably responsible for the war on Afghanistan and Iraq is that surrounding the Caspian sea basin known! as the ‘Eurasian Balkans’.

    The states which comprise this region include Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia. It is a region considered to posses perhaps the worlds largest reserves of oil and natural gas. Whomsoever gains strategic control of this region and as a consequence it’s resources will, without putting to fine a point on it will by way of control and distribution, dominate much of the industrialized worlds nations by way of determining economic growth in the near distant future. At present levels of consumption, world demand for oil is expected to surpass supply within the next twenty to twenty five years. This then is the ‘glittering prize’ that we can be assured the worlds sole superpower will take all necessary measures to secure. The fact that demand will increase with the emergence of the new Asian economies and China rapidly appearing capable of attaining the status of a post modern state with the potential to ! challenge U.S hegemony, will not be lost on U.S strategic ‘think tanks’.

    However in order to access this vitally important region and it’s resources, the U.S has but two viable options. Both involve piping the oil and gas from Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea through either Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan or from Turkey and Iraq to ports on the Arabian Sea.”

    Iraq was all about oil.

    This was never about Bin Laden. They haven’t been and are not looking for him. They have however caught about 20 “number 2” members of Al Queda. I think it would be a lot more beneficial to be a number 3 or 4 henchman on AQ, even the number 1 guy, Bin Laden. They only seem capable of capturing the infamous number 2 man.

    This is the most evil government the US has ever had IMO. Two illegal, imoral wars. Hundreds of thousands of civillians murdered.

    Just do a web search for “oil, caspian, dick chenney” and see what comes up. This was all pre-911. They had already planned to invade both countries. 911 was incredibly convinient for this group of greedy war mongers. I do not believe they were just complicit.

    If the president of Pakistan can be trusted, and he’s given no reason why he shouldn’t be, he was threatened that Pakistan would be bombed back in to the stone age by Richard Armatage if he didn’t comply with the US after 911. Now imagine this…he briefly considered going to war with them because of this serious threat. That would have been a nuclear war. This criminals need to be removed as fast as possible. It’s not just the US international reputation on the line. Far more.

    If you want to see something truely horrific (not sure that sounds very appealing) do a web search for the attack on Fallujah and white phosphorus. I’m not sure what your science background is, but if you aren’t already aware, do a search on white phosphorus and see what it’s all about. The night before the initial ground attack on Fallujah, the US military dropped a ton of this stuff on…Iraqi civillians. It decimated them instantly. It burned them as bad or worse than Napalm (which is a banned weapon). There is a video out there online titled “What went wrong” and if you find it, it actually shows the attacks and the effects of the attacks I’m refering to. I warn you though, it’s only for those with an extremely strong stomach. I almost watching it and I’m not squimish.

    Condi Rice is evil. Most of them are, the rest are just incredibly ignorant.


    Godless Raven/Bryce

  3. The region that is of highest priority to the Bush administration and probably responsible for the war on Afghanistan and Iraq is that surrounding the Caspian sea basin known! as the ‘Eurasian Balkans’.
    A few years ago I read all of Hopkirk‘s books on The Great Game which was all about Russia’s desire for the jewel in Victoria’s crown, India.
    As yet nobody has ever been able to subdue the Afghanis and other tribes around that area for very long.
    I doubt it will be different this time.

  4. I forgot to attribute the quoted first sentence to Raven:

    The region that is of highest priority to the Bush administration and probably responsible for the war on Afghanistan and Iraq is that surrounding the Caspian sea basin known! as the ‘Eurasian Balkans’.

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