We’re back up and running.

For the most part, anyway. I’ve had to upload all the files individually for each of the blogs I maintain and that amounted to some 200+ megs of data—not counting the 85 megabytes of mySQL database—and the average speed of transfer was lower than I would’ve hoped for such an undertaking. Surprisingly enough a good portion of that data is my mother’s pictures as she’s been quite the busy picture taker it seems.

I think I’ve managed to hunt down and change all of the various paths in the config files, but it’s always possible I’ve missed something so if you find that things aren’t working like they should be don’t hesitate to drop me a note. It’s almost 2AM now and I’ve been working on this for the past four hours or so and I’m tired. So this will have to tide you over for the moment as I’m headed to bed.

Nobody killed themselves, right?

15 thoughts on “We’re back up and running.

  1. Nobody killed themselves, right?

    You’d get a hell of a shock if someone answered from beyond the grave!

    Good work on getting the site back up, now get some sleep!

  2. Les: Nobody killed themselves, right?

    Not me. I managed to stay away from sharp pointy things in the kitchen.  smile
    I also stayed away from stationary objects whilst driving, unlike another Aussie icon, Peter Brock, AKA King of the Mountain here in Bathurst, who hit a tree in WA yesterday.
    Some of us are wondering who #3 is gonna be.
    One in the water, one on a road .. the next one has gotta be falling from the sky.
    Hope it’s not the electronic Dick.
    Brocky got to heaven and the first thing he heard was: Crikey, you had a bad week too.  LOL

  3. Les, you need to set up an account for your mom on Flickr.com, then she can upload her pics there and blog them to her site so he pics won’t live on your servers.

    Glad you’re back!

  4. I’m glad to be back. Things do seem a bit snappier here and so far the tech support guys aren’t screaming at me that I’m killing the server load so this may just work out OK.

    QM, most of Mom’s pics are part of her entries so having a Flickr account probably wouldn’t help. I’m not complaining, just amazed how much more she’s amassed compared to me. grin

  5. Yea!  Les is back!  And Momma too!

    Page loaded in 4 seconds flat, but then took 30 seconds loading data from trailers.gametrailers.com

    MrsDoF calls from other room; “Oh, man, is he a lot faster!”

  6. That’s what the Flicker account is for, storage. The photos show up in her blog exactly like they do now only they don’t take up space on the server.

    I agree with above, things seem to be loading faster.

  7. Don’t be too hard on Momma.
    I’m told the learning curve is within reason for FlickR, but I’m not yet a convert.
    It hasn’t been too long ago when I began putting in links, and my teacher lives right in the same house.

  8. Whooooo, while I realized it was unlikely, the spooky design of the hold-page made me more suspicious than a simple ‘currently offline’ text. I had suspected you might have been raided by some Hackers In Black (TM)! wink

  9. Some anonymous poster actually asked in a thread on Pharyngula what was going on with SEB because of that “please don’t kill yourself” message.

  10. I don’t know, guys. Since the loading waits have been much shorter, I’m constantly experiencing a disconnect when I surf to the site. SEB can’t be fast, or it isn’t..uh, SEB……Where am I?

    Glad to see you’re back, Les. It’s running exquisitely now. Good move.

  11. Brock: I’m constantly experiencing a disconnect when I surf to the site. SEB can’t be fast, or it isn’t..uh, SEB……Where am I?

    Yeah, mate – it’s pretty fuckin quick; slick as owl shit on a door nob, A?  wink
    But, not quite as quick as these two idiots …  LOL

  12. KE: … that “please don’t kill yourself” message.

    Being totally paranoid, self-centred … also self-absorbed, I was sure the message was for me.
    It even (quickly) flashed through what’s ever left of my mind that my IP address or whatever the fuck it’s called, had a block stuck on it.  LOL
    Life is madness and madness takes its toll.  Please have exact change. (Dunno)
    The only difference between a madman and me is that I am not mad. (Salvador Dali)

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