Weird Al - White & Nerdy.

I’m a closet Weird Al fan and I have to admit that I love his latest music video. Which is saying a lot because I don’t normally care for rap music.

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  1. Weird Al apparently does not like Rap Either, I think Rap sucks, Well except for the one MC Hammer Song they use to play on MTV, Oh.. and Tone Loc singing “Wild Thing ” and now I can add Weird Al to the list, But that’s it…Except for that Toby Kieth song, forget the name of it…

  2. Wierd Al is awesome.  I have one of his albums somewhere.  There are even some misguided individuals who think I am a trifle nerdy!  Where would they get that idea?

  3. The appeal of rap/hip-hop equally eludes me, although I did in the past enjoy some Outkast. And as Paul mentioned, Tone Loc was also kind of fun.

    Weird Al is great. I also think he’s kind of hot.  cheese

  4. Yep, same here.
    I wouldn’t even classify rap and hiphop as music because “singing” really doesn’t apply to them and also music tends to be such repeating boring scheisse.

    Well, maybe all those people listening them is just one more proof for how low average intelligence of this pest specie is.

    And same for liking Weird Al Yankovic, some of his songs are just hilarious, like “Theme from Rocky 13”, “Christmas at Ground Zero”, “Jurassic Park”, “The Saga Begins” and “Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters”.
    Also “Like a Surgeon” is absolutely hilarious music video.

    And some of his songs seems to nicely ironize parts of US culture, like “Frank’s 2000 inch TV”, “Grapefruit Diet” and “Traffic Jam”.

  5. I’m not a Weird Al fan of any type, but grew up with siblings that were.  However, I do enjoy some of his satirical music and I found this newest addition pretty damned amusing (and he really didn’t too bad of a “rap” type job for a white guy, lol).

  6. Been watching Weird Al’s Ultimate Video Collection at home all week.

    Just showed the White & Nerdy video to my seven-year-old daughter, who wanted to know what “nerdy” meant. 

    “Does it mean idiot?” she said.

    “No, it’s more like … you’re not cool,” I said.

    “But Weird Al *IS* cool!” she protested.

    It’s true, the fish never notice the water they’re swimming in … grin

  7. I never really understood what people really had against rap or hip-hop.  Both are just a form of expression and another type of liberal art.

    And Weird Al’s parady is hilarious.  I was always partial to his earlier works, but Eat It was pretty damn funny!  I think my favorite as a kid was Trigger Happy though.

  8. About all I can say about why I don’t like rap or hip-hop is that it just doesn’t appeal to me. I have the same reaction to most country and western songs and opera. It’s not that I don’t recognize that there’s a certain amount of skill and talent to those art forms, just I’d rather spend my time hitting myself in the foreheard with a hammer than listen to those music forms.

  9. Webs: I never really understood what people really had against rap or hip-hop.

    It’s not so much that I have anything against it (although I often find it misogynistic and irritating) as much as, like Les, it simply does not appeal to me. Ditto with country music. My favorite music generally resonates with me on some level (either in a melodic sense, in terms of a song’s lyrics or meaning, or both). Neither rap/hip-hop nor country meet those criteria for me.

  10. Les, up until I heard The Flower Duet by Delibes about 15 years I only listed 3 types of music I didn’t like – Opera, Country, and Western.
    There are much better versions of it about, but even this one melts me. smile
    This is the first time I’ve heard it sung by men.
    Anyway, it’s still 3 now but it’s – Country, Western and Rap.

  11. So being Tuesday, a day with a ‘Y’ in it, I decided to play YouTube for more opera and came upon this amusing bit giving an intro into Opera appreciation (followed by parts 2>>6).

  12. LJ19 .. that Flower Duet is bloody magical – as soon as I recognised it I got shivers up and down my spine.Those chicks sure can sing wink

  13. Frumpa: I got shivers up and down my spine

    Good onya mate, it does it to me too … every time.  smile
    I can put that on, lean back in my chair sipping on a large glass of Mt Bingar Fruity Red, and become quite nostalgic remembering my first love from over 40 years ago – if I really relax and let it flow through me I can even squeeze out a tear … she gave me at least 4 chances (before I went to Vietnam) that I can remember to get back there but I was far too much the egotistical, mind-fucked, control-freak, fuckwit.
    I even got another chance over xmas/New Year 83/84, for about 2 weeks, when we were all grown up and I still fucked it up.
    We were still ,, perfect for each other – not only family members smiled and remarked on it.
    I’ve still got a lot of photos of her/us … haven’t seen them for years.
    By the way, WTF does a bachelor do with his photos??
    Is there a protocol?
    I wonder where I got the masochist streak. ? ?  Okay that nostalgic trip’s finished!!
    Although, if I watch the following a tear comes much more readily.
    This is the best version I’ve heard today – the voice contrasts are especially obvious … of course the violent video accompanying it nicely epitomises the worst of us … and our ‘civilisation’.  downer

  14. I like opera instead or rap, the repetitiveness of rap gives me a headache. Sadly I think I’m the only one at my school, who is of this opinion. I wouldn’t really know though because I don’t have any friends because of that fact…

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