We will be moving to a new hosting service, again.

I’ve been talking with the folks at pMachine’s hosting service as recommend by Elwed and others and I think we’ll be taking the plunge to see if it doesn’t make for a better fit. As it turns out they’re used to taking on folks that have been asked to leave by other hosting services and they use a distributed server setup to load balance optimally for EE run sites. Plus I’ll actually save a bit of money on hosting costs.

So if over the next couple of days the site is unreachable, you’ll know why. I’ll post a notice once the move is complete to alert folks that the domain migration is in process.

Update: I just noticed that my next bill date for the VPS is tomorrow so I’ll probably not be able to make the transition before the next bill goes through. This means I’ll probably have to push off the move until after the next paycheck on the 10th. So the move won’t be happening as soon as I had thought.

Updated Update: Mrs. SEB wants to try and avoid double billing so I’m going to go ahead and cancel the VPS today. That means we may be offline until this weekend. See you then.

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