Seven Conservatives on why the GOP should lose the next election.

I have to admit that this Washington Monthly article, Time for use to go, makes for some fascinating reading.

With Republicans controlling Congress and the White House, conservatives these days ought to be happy, but most aren’t. They see expanding government, runaway spending, Middle East entanglements, and government corruption, and they wonder why, exactly, the country should be grateful for Republican dominance. Some accuse Bush and the Republicans today of not being true conservatives. Others see a grab bag of stated policies and wonder how they cohere. Everyone thinks something’s got to change.

Now seven prominent conservatives dare to speak the unspeakable: They hope the Republicans lose in 2006. Well, let’s be diplomatic and say they’d prefer divided government—soon. (Perhaps that formulation will fool Dennis Hastert.) Of course, all of them wish for the long-term health of conservatism, and most are loyal to the GOP. What they also believe, however, is that even if a Speaker Pelosi looms in the wings, sometimes the best remedy for a party gone astray is to give it a session in the time-out chair.

The seven conservatives are Christopher Buckley, Bruce Bartlett, Joe Scarborough, William A. Niskanen, Bruce Fein, Jeffrey Hart, and Richard A. Viguerie and all of them think it would be best for the country if the Democrats managed to gain control of at least one congressional house if not both of them. I can’t remember the last time I read an essay by a conservative that, for the most part, I actually agreed with, but here’s seven examples of just that. I believe DOF has said in the past that the GOP of today is not the one he used to support in the past and it appears he is not alone in that sentiment. Let’s hope that we’ll see a return of that form of GOP in the not too distant future.

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  1. In Oz we have the funny (peculiar – not haha) situation that Federally we’re controlled by the Liberal Party (it’s not really liberal – it’s like your GOP with not quite as much religion, yet) and all the States are controlled by the Labor Party (like your Democrats and just as lost).
    Having said that, there is not a whole lot of visible difference between the two.
    We also have a small number of Greens (the leader being openly gay but not effete or effeminate) and Independents in both levels of government.
    My Federal representative in Bathurst is an Independent who has won the seat with an increased majority over the last three elections which annoys crap outa the conservatives = my best mate and many of the people I mix with who’re in the top Right of the Political Compass whereas I’m way down in the bottom Left.

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