SEB Presents: Foods We Don’t Really Need.

Let me preface this by saying that I’m both a junk food fan and relatively lazy, but somehow this just seems wrong to me:

Wow. Just… wow.

Found via the Junk Food Blog thus proving their really is a blog for every interest.

21 thoughts on “SEB Presents: Foods We Don’t Really Need.

  1. A plain pancake/sausage ‘corndog’ I could understand. But chocolate chip pancakes with a sausage!? Yeck.

  2. I checked this out..Total Fat 12G…Sat Fat 4…Trans 0…I don’t know how they got around it on that product..

    But on some Jimmy Dean products the Trans-Fat can be as high as 7G to 10G…Mighty Tasty…The Breakfast of Big John. I always liked that song.

  3. It makes me think of those Hot Pockets they advertise on Jeopardy.  Those things look kind of gross in the ads, so I can only imagine the horror they are in real life.

  4. Pancakes-MMM Good; Sausage-MMMMM Good; Chocolate Chips-MMMMMMM Good. All three added together should equal MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Good.

    My mind is telling me that this is: A celestial treat that is: A light and fluffy pancake infused with rich buttery taste, then imbued with the deep, satisfying taste sensation of chocolate chip that harkens one back to the years of innocence, that is wrapped lovingly to caress a delightful combination of spiced and seasoned pork sausage and presented with a light drizzling of real maple syrup (not included with Pancakes on a stick). 

    Sadie, how could that not be pleasing to even the most delicate of palates?

    Fact is, I’m making a homemade version and will report back forthwith in the morning.

  5. Sadie, how could that not be pleasing to even the most delicate of palates?

    Pancakes are good (provided they’ve been buttered up first). Chocolate chips are good. Maple syrup is good. Pork sausage is not so good (at least not to my palate). Put all three together in a highly processed format, and I’m a little concerned about my arteries.

    Then again, a homemade version sounds pretty tasty. Let us know how it goes.

  6. Hmmmm. Sadie and maple syrup in the same post. Yum….


    Man, it’s been busy here at SEB today. Car decals, junk food, incomprehensible email messages, an insipid conspiracy theory video, and a verbose, hyper-sensitive nutbag all in one day. Plenty of entertainment for an entire weekend, I’d say.

  7. I have some of the plain variety, 210 calories, 20% rda of sat fat.  Makes for an okay breakfast to go, but it’s still a processed food.

    IHOP’s been doing choco chip pancakes for a long time.  I’ve done the choco chip, strawberry & whip cream covered dish.  Back when I was young enough that my circulatory system could recover from it.  Probably knocked a decade off my life, though. wink

    Maybe if they replaced the sausage with turkey sausage it’d be a little better.

  8. Double dip:

    Check the nutrition label for this and the corn dogs usually next to it.  If I remember right, the corn dogs were higher calorie. 

    At least with pork sausage, you know it’s a pig in there.  Franks are made from whatever didn’t escape the meat grinder. wink

  9. Okay, I made it, but I deviated from the aforementioned recipe and added stawberries along with the chocolate chips.  I also made some home made whipping cream to dip these babies into instead of maple syrup.  I liked the result, but, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I could go without the chocolate chips.  The chips were overkill.

  10. I also made some home made whipping cream

    I’ve been living in Austria too long.  It took me quite a while to figure out what “home made” whipped cream could be.  Then I remembered- the Americans usually get the stuff out of aerosol cans or plastic tubs!  And they add sugar to it!

    I can live quite nicely without any frozen food.  Luckily, we have a good butcher, a good baker, and a good farmer’s market nearby, so we don’t need much of anything in packages either.  Except chocolate…

  11. .  It took me quite a while to figure out what “home made” whipped cream could be.

    Beating heavy whipping cream into whipped cream.  I don’t like the stuff in cans and bowls, but you are right, that is what everybody uses.

  12. MrsDoF just came from breakfast at a restaurant we frequent on Saturday mornings.  I had eggs, “French” toast (dipped in an egg batter and cooked) with real maple syrup,  sausage and bacon, and lots of hot coffee.  Probably not the healthiest thing a middle-aged guy should eat, but a delightful way of starting the weekend.

    Now Sadie is associated with maple syrup – nice.

  13. Well this ‘food’ item was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen all week until I got a flier in the mail from the Michigan Republic Party with two absentee voter applications attached and a couple pages full of the usual bullshit. Is it Nov. 7th yet? DeVos’s ‘used car salesman’ mug on my television several times per hour is really starting to make me ill.

  14. Luckily, we have a good butcher, a good baker, and a good farmer’s market nearby, so we don’t need much of anything in packages either.

    I hate you I hate you I hate you
    Supermarkets have conquered the UK. We have a couple of proper butchers in town, but my wife won’t shop in them due to convenience- same with the fruit and veg stalls, which are up once a week on a Tuesday.

    Have you all heard of the famous British fish and chips.  For those who don’t know the fish is battered (in the same egg/flour/milk batter used for pancakes) then deep fried. Chippies also serve deep fried battered sausage, so until I saw the Choc Chips, the featured product didnt seem too bad.  In Scotland (home of the highest heart attacks in Britain) they are known for their deep fried Mars bars (the batter stops the choclate melting) and even pizza.

    Me and mates came up with the ultimate after pub food- Deep fried pork pie- the batter would stop the pastry absorbing the fat.  I can feel my arteries clogging just thinking about it…

  15. Speaking of fish and chips, in nearby Marin County there’s a little hole in the wall that makes the best halibut fish and chips I’ve ever eaten. Mmmmmmm, good god those are good.

  16. If things continue as they’re going, you won’t have to hate me for much longer, Hussar.  Supermarkets are taking over here too- the corner grocers have nearly disappeared.

    Mmmm… fish and chips… can’t get good ones here.  One thing I’ve got to try sometime is deep fried turkey.  Don’t have a pot big enough or enough heat to do it.

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