Posting will continue to be light for the next day or so.

The good news is that the new job is going well, which isn’t really that surprising seeing as I’ve not been called on to do a whole lot beyond follow Rob around and watch how he does things. He does things, incidentally, very well. So things are going great and will probably continue to do so at least until next Monday when I’ll actually be at my building and shadowing the guy I’m going to be replacing (he’s moving on to new buildings himself closer to his home).

The bad news is that my access to a computer during the day will continue to be limited until next Monday. Rob has let me use his laptop a couple of times, but I’ve tried to be considerate and not start going to all my usual haunts and cluttering up his browser in the process. When I get home at night I’ve been trying to catch up with my daily reads as well as spend some time with the family and just generally relax a bit so I’ve not had much time or things to write about.

If you’re a registered member and you’ve been considering submitting an entry to SEB then now might be a good time to do so. Especially if you’ve never submitted one before. The chances I’ll approve it are probably at their highest as I’m not overly active in writing tons of entries myself at the moment.

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