No, I am not this Pescado fellow you think I am.

There seems to be some debate as to who I am in this forum thread at a site called More Awesome Than You. It seems I bear a striking resemblance to someone going by the name “Pescado” who plays some variation of The Sims though I’ve not determined if they’re talking about the online version of the game or not. Honestly, I have no idea what the context exactly is on either this group of people or the Pescado person they’re talking about, but it seems his real identity is a mystery that they’re at least mildly interested in figuring out and there’s some speculation that I may be him.

So allow me to clear this up. I’m not Pescado, though if he looks like me then he must be one devilishly attractive fellow. It is true that I play The Sims 2 every now and then and I have written a few Sims related entries in the past and I even have made available a Sims 2 version of me complete with SEB T-shirt, but I honestly don’t know who this Pescado person is. I don’t even play Sims 2 as much as I used to as I’m way more into WoW and a small collection of various first person shooters. But now that I’ve been reminded of it I think I’ll bust the game out when I get home tonight.

Amazing what you can stumble across when checking your referrer logs, eh?

8 thoughts on “No, I am not this Pescado fellow you think I am.

  1. Hi, found you through the Blogroll Hot 500 (You’re #269 today).  J.M. Pescado is a very popular modder in the Sims 2 community.  I have no idea what he looks like however.  I’ve used some of his mods myself (because I’m a dirty, lazy cheater) and they’ve been very useful and didn’t make my game explode.

    I think he either runs this website or, at least, is a contributor to it:

  2. Thanks for clarifying things a bit for me. I wish a knew something about modding games and such as I’d probably enjoy that quite a bit, but I usually leave that stuff to people who have actual skills in that arena.

  3. Greetings, you non-creaky old bastard,

    No, we know you’re not J.M. Pescado, silly. It was a joke. We don’t take much seriously here, especially that thread…

    But I suppose, not being buried in the “community” yourself, you probably think we’re a wierd, sick, twisted bunch. You’re probably right.

    A little trivia for you… do you program in C? If you do, then you’ll know that JMP is used to skip chunks of code… and that’s Pescado’s net-initials.

    Anyway, I must go trawl your site a little more, and you are devilishly handsome, it seems, without Pescado’s evil eyebrows or metal-tinted beard raspberry

    Will trawl your site more at a later date, nice to run across it… BOOKMARKED!

    Many beatings with fish,


  4. You never know these days. Every time I think someone is kidding around it turns out they’re serious and every time I think they’re serious… you get the picture.

    But I suppose, not being buried in the “community” yourself, you probably think we’re a wierd, sick, twisted bunch. You’re probably right.

    Actually it sounds like my kinda people.

    I used to program in C, but it has been years since I’ve done so. Gave that up when I stopped using my Amigas full time back in 1996.

  5. Well, the main difference is that most other places, we are nice, but we do have our drama… and mean people, like me…


  6. The MATY community enjoys poking things with sticks, including the self proclaim Fat Obstreperous Jerk site owner.  The site screams of sarcasm and mockery.  Only people with thick skin need apply.  So if it sounds like your thing, dive in, it’s more fun than Sunday School.

    JMPescado on the other hand is an online persona who has maintained his character for years even before he found the Sims community.  From what I understand as far back as 11 years ago, people were trying to figure out who he is.  He has the hiding skills of Bin Laden.

    Your site was definitely a great find.  Kudos.  You have to admit, the resemblance to his persona is uncanny.

    P.S. Data, I’ve always thought of you as one of the nice ones raspberry

  7. I have to admit I’m raising an eyebrow. And calling you Lescado. Just because.  cool hmm

    I am enjoying your site, though, and have it bookmarked.

    You really should stop by MATY sometime! Thrill-a-minute!

    ~Val (alias Brynne on MATY)

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