Keith Olbermann on the President’s 9/11 speech.

More goodness from Olbermann:

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  1. Thanks for posting this Les.  I missed it yesterday, and would have never seen it if it weren’t here on SEB.  Olbermann makes some great points – and he makes them all with a sober mix of eloquence and sense of personal outrage.  Wish we got more of that from our elected leaders.

  2. They showed the ‘Path to 9/11’ here Sunday/Monday.  I read Dick Clarke’s “Against All Enemies” a couple of weeks ago.  Of the 4 Presidents he worked under- Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush- he says that only Clinton really had a handle on terrorism.  Bush Jr, Cheney, Wolfowitz etc were not interested in Bin Laden- they wanted to hear ‘Saddam did it’, both before (on previous terrorism) and after 11 Sept. They would not believe AQ could organise it.  Clinton wanted to go after UBL, but CIA and the military were worried they would get kicked by the senate.

  3. To watch something like this whilst sipping my first cuppa Earl Grey in the morning was mesmerising.
    I’d like to think more people are waking up from the bad dream Bull$hit and his whores talked them into with silly things like: If you’re not with us, you’re against us.
    Go Keith. smile

  4. That was amazing.

    Immediately after 9/11, there was this incredible opportunity for our country to come together as one. That opportunity was completely squandered by Bush and his right-wing cronies. Way to go, Mr. “I’m a Uniter, Not a Divider.”

  5. I couldn’t help thinking of Cronkite and Rather.

    As I said in an email to a friend; while I’m the first to admit I would not have been equally impressed if the same elloquence was being used in defence of Bush, I think there is little chance of seeing that.

    At least those I’ve seen in Bush’s defense are so clearly to me just children ranting to buy time while they formulate a way out of an obvious lie.

  6. I would liken Olbermann’s speech to a heavy-handed bitchslap following an interpretive dance routine. The man is a silver-tongued pit viper. The speech was wonderful.

  7. If you wanna see all the bullshit there is with Ground Zero, just check out this link.  It’s Penn and Teller’s show Bullshit, and they really dig into the issue.  Very interesting.

    As far as Keith, he has done it again.  The Twilight Zone part was great too.  Thanks for the video Les that was great.

  8. The man is a silver-tongued pit viper.

    Indeed, and it appears we need an army of those just now! Mr. Olbermann’s speech should serve as a (metaphorical) call to arms to those who truly love America, the Constitution and our Liberties – those who fail to either hear or heed it do so at their peril.

    Ladies and gentlemen: start your keyboards, cameras,  A/V recording equipment of whatever type and copy machines. Most importantly of all,  register to vote and exercise your American rights and freedoms before they’re legislated away!

  9. OB: Most importantly of all, register to vote and exercise your American rights and freedoms before they’re legislated away!

    In Oz we have Compulsory Voting

    which is a practice that requires citizens to vote in elections or to attend a polling place to get their name crossed off the electoral roll. The term “compulsory voting” is actually a misnomer: because of the secret ballot, a person can only be compelled to cast a ballot, whether they have voted or not. If an eligible voter does not attend a polling place, they may be subject to punitive measures such as fines, community service, or imprisonment.

    Back in the early 90s because I was pissed or stoned I forgot to vote.
    I gotta letter in the mail asking why – I responded saying I’d had a crook back and couldn’t get outa bed and bullshitted about how seriously I viewed my right to vote, etc and never heard another thing.
    The history of C. Voting in Oz harks back to just after WW1 when we lost 68k (I think) men in battle and the population voted Yes to a referendum that all people must vote ‘in appreciation of their sacrifice’.
    I think it’s a good thing as it makes more people take part in the political process – having said that, apathy and cynicism still reigns supreme.
    We’re ‘free’ but don’t have the freedom not to vote.
    I like the dichotomy in there – sorta Catch22ish.  wink

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