“Deliver Us From Evil” - New documentary on the Catholic sexual abuse scandal.

This will be a hard documentary to watch…

17 thoughts on ““Deliver Us From Evil” - New documentary on the Catholic sexual abuse scandal.

  1. Would like to see that documentary.

    Just a question for anyone that has information on the subject, how many of those people who covered up the abuse have faced charges?

  2. Not only are the abusers sick bastards – those who helped them get away with it are ‘worse’.  downer

  3. http://reformation.com/
    That link up there is about all the other denominations. But the Catholics do seem to have cornered the market when it comes to Pedophilia.

    If a daycare encountered a problem of the same nature, The business would be closed, the property seized, The guilty would be prosecuted, and that would be that…The same should hold true for a church.

    Just level the place and put up another car lot. We can always use another good used car dealership. And a change of Bullshit.

    Interesting Google Search.. Katies Revenge Tattoo

  4. Katie’s Revenge Tattoo

    Good one, Paul.
    I especially like the fact the tattooist used an apostrophe and, in the correct place.
    The downside of course is that the state will be up for the cost of having it removed unless Stockelman tells the authorities he wants to keep it there (cos he’s been told he’ll die if he does anything about it).

  5. LuckyJohn, I have mixed feelings about the Tattoo, The inmates are in prison because they already broke the law. Taking the sentencing laws into there own hands regarding Katie is adding further complications. Sure, I have a personal side that wants to scream out ( Yea !!! ) But much of the $90 Million that is spent on the Prison system every year is wasted as far I’m concerned.

    I would have a very hard time sharing space with this guy. I love Kids. Katie’s death is beyond horrible. As is the molesting and murder of any child for that matter. I favor the Death Penalty within 30 days upon positive proof (DNA). So according to my philosophy there would have been no Katie’s Revenge Tattoo.

  6. Now we’ll probably have to pay for plastic surgery on that inmate to remove the tattooo.  Maybe to avoid medical complications we should just leave it where it is.

    Y’know, recently former congressman Mark Foley has a lot of free time.  Maybe he could help out promoting the documentary?

    Abuse is not a disease of Catholicism or Congress; it is a disease of power.

  7. I made a huge mistake…$90 Billion not Million is what the US spends on the Prison system.

  8. $90 Billion… is what the US spends on the Prison system.

    and sadly much of it wasted.  Just about every state is building more prisons instead of 1) legalizing drugs and 2) fully funding programs to reduce recidivism.  The proportion of our adult population behind bars (and the racial makeup thereof) is a staggering national scandal.

  9. Looks like an interesting, and truly saddening film.  I think many people already expect something like this though.  I mean ever since the first story broke in what, about 5 years ago, there have been hundreds since. 

    The catholic church is structured similarly to that of a traditional organization in where the power mainly comes from the top and flows downward to everyone.  In my eyes, meaning if the Pope really wanted to he could end this bullshit very, very quickly.

    But regardless I have a hard time believing that God is for pedophilia.  And if he is, then I am glad I don’t worship that God.

  10. Paul: I have mixed feelings about the Tattoo

    Just to explain a little – I actually didn’t mean that it was a good idea to tattoo prisoners – it’s just that my sense of humour left out bits of reality. It does that. smile
    According to a 2001 edition of the World Prison Population List USA is on top with 686 incarcerated prisoners per 100k of the population.

  11. I understand LuckyJohn, or at least I think I do. I was not assuming anything about your opinions. As for myself and the things I would like to address today as appalling in written form to the Govt’s of the US and World. A letter of protest to the authorities regarding the Tattoo is probably last on the list of things to do today, In fact it is so low on list that I am ready as of now to just scrap it altogether.

  12. That would be Mark Foley and I just wrote an entry about him, kinda. More about Dennis Hastert, but still.

  13. Max:

    I hear ya. You can take cold comfort that the epedemic is not confined to America. Here is a snippet from a news article regarding a Canadian premier’s musings as to a case presently before the courts:

    ” Member of the Legislative Assembly Dave Ramsay is speaking out over comments made by Premier Joe Handley regarding a sexual predator. Handley gave a national interview in which he said it was possible some students had consensual relationships with former teacher Edward Horne who was convicted of sexually assaulting students and is facing further charges.”

    Strangely enough, the premier happened to be the minister of education during these alledged assaults. Makes one wonder about how safe our schools really are.

    As a father of two young ones, these news items give me the heebee-jeebees.

  14. I find that it’s funny that I’ve heard nothing about this documentary in any movie theater, probably because I’m in the middle of the bumfuck bible belt. 

    I will trr to promote this movie as much as I can, because I love what it stands for, but I don’t know if anyone in Knoxville will play it.

  15. WBOTH, does malfunction junction (do truckers still call it that?) have any independent theaters?  You could contact their owners and ask that they bring in the movie.

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