Crop “squares.”

Although rather busy for the past week I have been able to pursue my part-time hobby of studying “crop squares.”

Although not nearly as well know as “crop circles” they are becoming more prevalent and are considered a far greater threat since many people believe them to be caused by “Borg” vessels!

One aspect of “crop sqaures” we are investigating is why they are only seen in North America and not in the U.K. and Europe.

Most experts I have talked to agree that it’s either the food, the warm beer, or maybe both.

4 thoughts on “Crop “squares.”

  1. Crop squares are much harder to do with the harvesters I’ve driven; though, not impossible, much more time consuming.
    Circles are much nicer and easier but ya gotta watch that centrifugal force as you tighten the circle before you disappear up your own arse.  LOL

  2. Disappearing up your own arse is a neat way to avoid leaving footprints, though.  Maybe that’s how they do it!

  3. I am related to the Borg on my mothers’ side of the family, even though that may sound like an absurd claim it happens to be true, Borg is a fairly common name in Malta.

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