Crazy Email of the Day: “get the fack straight.”

As you can imagine running SEB means I end up receiving some… interesting… emails on occasion. Take this one I got this morning as an example. I’m still trying to figure out just what the hell they’re trying to say:

    From: Adrian Stone
    Subject: get the fack straight
    Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 11:49:15 -0700 (PDT)

    Well, Well, Well, what do we have here, “Oh-boy” have to deal with sooooo much foolishness. I see we will 1st have to deal with a couple of terms that have put folks on the wrong path; language is a very cool thing once you can trace back it’s beginnings. So let’s us begin with these backward terms

    1. god, God, GOD: In “No Civilization” did they every use the word “GOD”, because they all had beautiful names in there languages Kemet\Ta-Mari-Twice beloved land (Egypt) terms was either Neter, Ntr, Nebertcher, “Yahweh”, “Allah”, “EL”, it wasn’t until the Greeks when they went down into Kemet to studied in the school of Mysteries, but not one ever fully completed studying the 25 to 30 years need to cover all the school and since they could not fully understand, they use the term GOD, which came be broke down into the secret terms which at this time I wont write

    2. deities: Here we have a Greek idea used to describe what a people language and terms, what you and so call people that study Kemet (Mis-called Egypt) say are deities can best be explain in the English language is “Principle”; for example:

    English -> Kemetic
    Air ->Shu
    Earth -> Geb
    Water -> Nun
    Sun -> Aten
    Solar energy -> Ra
    Solar Rays -> Amen-Ra
    Sky -> Nut
    Creator -> Amen (hidden aspect of the Creator)

    Now the only things different in the terms are how they are used; the Kemetic people not gave a name to something but also believe that all things are part of a whole which to them is Spiritual. So everything comes from the “ALL” (mean contain everything lacking nothing), so everything has a Divine name of both male & female principle or the law of opposite .

    3. Horus: Another Greek Term, this Kemetic Principle name is Heru or Hru, now in the story it represent as being a male, but if you really understood, this Principle can be either female or male; because it a metaphor for your higher self, the KRST (Kristos, Christ) principle; or you can say Im-em-khet which means he who comes in peace. The Who Ausar story deal came about the people and their surrounding dealing with nature, and how they came up with a way to show how to deal with yourself to rise above your lower nature self and tap into your true essense of being part of the Creator. Now the struggles in every day life to raise above the illusion of this world you have to be able to train to calm your mind and it thoughts

    4. Osiris: Greek Term, this Kemetic Principle name is Ausar, Asar, Usr (Father principle, teacher, guider, etc)

    5. Isis: Greek Term, this Kemetic Principle name is Auset, Ast, Ust (Mother principle, teacher, protector etc)

    Next thing I will pass on to you; neither were the Hebrew, Greek, are Roman were around when the Kemetic people came up with their philosophy on spiritual growth; by the time the Greeks came in contact with Kemet they were already over 50,000 years old “yes that-correct” check out the papyrus of
    Turin. They the Her-em-Khet (sphinxes) was built before the beginning of the dynastic period 4142 when king Na-mer unify the two-kingdoms; it and the Mer-khut (pyramid) were built in the Age of Leo, which had taking place over 26,000 year before they came to study in Kemet.

    The reason that I telling you all this , so you can go back and do some real research before posting non-sense up on your site.

    Everything can be reserch if you take the time to check out what I have given you

Truer words have never been spoken. I think. Not sure. It’s always amusing to get emails like that.


21 thoughts on “Crazy Email of the Day: “get the fack straight.”

  1. Les..
    I’m still trying to figure out just what the hell they’re trying to say:
    You’ll probably get called on the “hell ” deal too. WTF? This is someone that is apparently intelligent, but has yet to find a way of expressing it. Sounds like The Church Lady on SNL.

  2. I always feel guilty being entertained by people who are obviously unbalanced, but damn that was an amusing read!

    Then again, he may not necessarily be unbalanced or crazy—he may simply be under the influence of some substance.

  3. 1. crazy Crazy CRAZY person in all terms was use in past now is metaphor for hisself.
    B. Loonie is greek term of Loonicum and Loonica derviving from place of holding crazy Crazy CRAZY person. I can be found here with law of sanity imposing.

    Everything can be reserch if you take time to baffle at what I telling you.

  4. Truer words have never been spoken.

    Careful Les, better do some research before you You YOU make a statement like that.

  5. I think this may be directed at the subject matter that first brought me here, but am not certain.  To the e-mailer: Verbs are our friends.  They should not be abused so.

  6. This just proves that you should not try and justify points of view and propose arguments in a language that you are not at least resonably familiar with.
    It also proves that you shouldn’t let someone try and be witty when they are only half-way there! tongue laugh

  7. I can’t help but wonder what actually set him off. With all of the various things here to annoy or upset people, is he really that freaked by our definition of the word god?

    Humans are such interesting creatures.

  8. Ben: I’m guessing that that would be just as unintelligible if I didn’t have 5 drinks in me.

    Mate, I’m as straight as and it made little sense to me either but it did remind me of: a little knowledge is dangerous thing.  LOL

  9. I’m afraid alcohol won’t be of much help in understanding this guy. I’d suggest acid—after all, if you’re able to see sounds and hear colors, you just might be able to understand the words of a madman.


  10. Completely off topic, but since several of my favorite people have posted in this thread I’d like to mention that I’m in the process of installing yahoo instant messenger and if anyone would like to add me to their whatever list my yahoo handle is the same as my handle here, just with a @ thrown on the end. If you do messenge me and I don’t respond right away, please keep in mind that I don’t know how to use the program AND I’m quickly getting drunk…….

  11. Just what was he trying to argue here?  Les; can you enlighten me on what he was commenting on, please.

  12. Wow.  I haven’t slept in over 48 hours and everything he wrote made perfect sense to me.

    In his own special way I think he was trying to tell us that Rumsfeld is the devil and we just haven’t researched ancient languages enough to understand.

    My favorite part:

    …they use the term GOD, which came be broke down into the secret terms which at this time I wont write.

    I think I still have a decoder ring around somewhere.

  13. Psychro, I haven’t the foggiest idea. I posted it mainly as a reminder of the importance of taking your meds each and every morning.

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