Conspiracy Theorists!

Reading the Saturday morning paper and naturally it is full of 9/11 since this is the fifth anniversary. (Think I’ll take the third and drink a fifth.)

There were lots of articles including one about the “conspiracy theorists” and some of the different scenarios people had come up with. You know, the U.S. Government was behind it, the Jews did it, Buddy Whatshisname and the Udder Fellows did it, and so on.

Listening to these theorists it struck me that they used the exact same arguments and had the same mindset for their bullshit as is employed by “religious theorists” (Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu etc.) to promote their own particular belief system. No difference at all. Interesting eh?


5 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorists!

  1. Moses: 9/11

    Yeah, it sure has sparked some conversation, A?
    I was watching Sandra Sully (she WAS the first journalist in Oz to report on it) reading the news on the Tee-V five years ago tomorrow nite at about 11pm, stoned, and I thought it was a horror movie … for a moment.

  2. Ad-nauseum SEB discussion of 9/11 conspiracy theories here (scroll down)

    Fortunately the thread is pretty well simmered down, but it’s a good illustration of the durability of conspiricist belief.

  3. Indeed, moses, these guys all have a lot in common, from the 9/11 conspiracy, to the Elders of Zion, the Holocaust deniers, the creationists… the list goes on and on.

    My current “favorite” conspiracy folks are the AIDS Deniers, of course I mean “rethinkers”, who claim that AIDS is not caused by HIV.  Their bad math is nicely taken apart by Mark Chu-Carroll, here at Good Math, Bad Math.  At first I was puzzled what ax they had to grind, but it seems they have a pretty hateful enemy (Big Pharma) and perhaps don’t want to believe that unsafe sex can be dangerous.

    And we shouldn’t leave out the nice Rapture Ready people either- you know, the ones whose cars will endanger the rest of us when their drivers are whisked off to Heaven.  Among their many enemies are environmentalists:

    The true goal of the environmental movement is to draw the world into a central body that would set the rules. This plan is part of the devil’s master scheme to recreate the type of control he had during the time of the Babylonian Empire.

    So next time you’re tempted to return your bottles, beware!  It’s the Devil’s work!

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