Christian Pirate Puppet Rap. Oh my!

Words fail me…

10 thoughts on “Christian Pirate Puppet Rap. Oh my!

  1. I watched it through full, and I am suddenly in dire need of caffiene to drink and erase that dire thing from my brain.


  2. That was creepy.
    Though it must be some type of purposeful repellant to Christianity rather than a attractor, I blame the Buddhists.

  3. Not only is it pathetic, but you have to wonder about pirates as a role model for Christians, what with their penchant for raping and pillaging.  Oh yeah- they’re Old Testament Christians. LOL

  4. Zilch: … you have to wonder about pirates as a role model for Christians …

    I reckon they’re trying to hitch a ride with the much loved, and misunderstood, Jack Sparrow.
    And I have to agree with Moloch – white men definitely carn’t fucking darnce, let alone rap.
    It’s a zone from which the white man is excluded just by his very un-nature. wink

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