Check out: - the freethinker’s book discussion community.

Made an interesting discovery when I looked up the Wikipedia entry for Freethought in my last entry. At the bottom of the page were a number of links to various freethought related webpages and among the links was one to – the freethinker’s book discussion community.

It’s basically a discussion forum for freethinkers to talk about books, natch, and not just books related to freethought, though a good portion of them are. Poking around I came across a review of The End of Faith written by Chris O’Connor that I thought was a pretty good overview of the book. I’ve not finished the book myself—I’m about halfway through and I’ve been slowly growing less enthused with it as I’ve continued reading and as such I find myself agreeing with Chris’ review. At least in regards to what I’ve read so far, though if the final third of the book goes the way Chris says it does then I’ll probably be fully in agreement by the time I’m done.

Anyway, it’s a cool site that I thought many of you would like to check out if you weren’t already familiar with it. So go check it out.

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