Brandon T Stanley allows his hypocrisy to show through.

Back in June I wrote about an essay by Brandon that he put up on his own blog in which he carefully constructed a strawman argument on atheism so he had something he could tear to pieces. It was one of the funniest anti-atheist screeds I’d seen in awhile and I didn’t even bother trying to fisk it because you’re all smart enough to see through such obvious bullshit without my help.

It seems Brandon must have been doing some egosurfing as he just stumbled across that entry recently and now he’s written an entry whining about our intolerance:

To those choice few long-time readers of my blog this will be a treat.

Remember my post attacking atheists?

I just dug up some great examples of tolerance by our anti-theist friends

To answer all of the charges therein would be redundant. No one would know what I was refering to. These attacks were all petty. So it almost proved my point.

I’m not sure why Brandon would expect to find tolerance from us for a screed he wrote to attack a strawman that had no basis in reality. I guess we were just supposed to say something like, “Oh that poor mistaken man. He’s clearly confused about atheism and atheists and is lashing out in frustration, but that’s OK because we still love him just the same!” Well I’m sorry to disappoint you Brandon, but if you’re going to write entries full of lies you’re going to find I’m not very tolerant of your viewpoint. Ridiculous arguments deserve ridicule and your’s was one of the most ridiculous I’ve read in a long, long time. You admit it was an attack so why would you even expect us to be tolerant of it? That’s just stupid.

Interestingly enough, out of all the comments you guys wrote on my original entry, Brandon seems to have focused in on one from LuckyJohn19 in particular:

But one thing must be made clear. One of the posters, certain supposed veteran, took at shot at my age and my lack of military service. This is funny becaus this supposed veteran is claiming to be crazy and the like. But to be clear- at age 18, after recieving my high school diploma, I attempted to join the U.S. Marine Corps. Due to health issues I was DQ’ed from service. The same with the Army. And I do not consider flying a desk or tapping a button a proper form of service for me.

In other words, if he isn’t going to get to shoot anybody they he has no interest in signing up. Never mind the fact that the folks on the front line are very much dependent on the guys who fly desks and tap buttons to give them the info they need to carry out their missions properly, that’s not manly enough for Mr. Stanley to partake in no matter how important it might actually be to the effort.

Which is fine, actually, because if the intelligence level demonstrated by his blog entries so far is anything to go by then he’d only be a drag on the logistics end of things anyway. It’s bad enough when the desk fliers and button tappers get it wrong on accident, we don’t need people who make shit up to suit their purposes adding to the problem. We’ve got enough people like that running the country already.

This next bit actually made me laugh out loud:

I am sure, for those so diametrically opposed to truth and reason, and for those hell-bent on squashing all true free-thought, that this explanation will provide points for further attacks.

He nearly broke my irony meter with that one. For someone who put so much effort into the mass of outright lies and falsehoods that was his “Polemic Against Atheism” to sit there and claim that we’re “diametrically opposed to truth and reason” is the height of hypocrisy. Especially when he complains that we’re just going to attack him further. It’s also clear he doesn’t have a clue what “true free-thought” actually is. As Inigo Montoya once said, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

I humbly suggest that Brandon should work on his own tolerance and honesty before he starts trying to tell others how intolerant and dishonest they happen to be. It’s clear he’s got a lot of work ahead of him before he’ll be fit to offer others advice on those topics.

4 thoughts on “Brandon T Stanley allows his hypocrisy to show through.

  1. Posted a hypothetical scenario over there, will be interesting to see what the responses are like.

  2. This kind of attitude is commonplace among the far Right. On the one hand, they jeer at liberals for being open-minded and tolerant (primarily of such Satanic forces as homosexuality and reproductive freedom). At the same time, they expect the very liberals that they heckle and scorn to tolerate being thus abused, and when we don’t, they screech “Intolerance!” or “Anti-Christian bigotry!” In the eyes of ultra-conservatives and/or fundamentalists, tolerance is a positive force only when it is demonstrated towards them. Otherwise, it’s pure evil. Such hypocrisy never fails to amaze me.

  3. BTStanley: This is funny becaus [sic] this supposed veteran is claiming to be crazy and the like.

    and I’m just crazy enough to imagine I got into his thoughts.
    Wonder if I made him feel guilty.  LOL
    But he never commented back on this one. wink

    EO: Posted a hypothetical scenario over there, will be interesting to see what the responses are like.

    Don’t you dare stop breathing. LOL

    BTS (about Tolerant Atheists): And I do not consider flying a desk or tapping a button a proper form of service for me.

    On the one hand … and

    BTS (about Blogging): To be frank, I am the intellectual type; it is these goods, those of contemplation, that I have sought out.

    on the other hand.
    Mmm. A “DQ’ed” body and mind. Poor bastard. smile

  4. Brandon Stanley
    Location:Wherever I may Roam, Texas, United States
    I’m currently seeking to become a published author. I am a freshman in college with an abiding interest in history. I am a Criminal Justice major and plan on attending law school. Prolific reader. Seeker after the ultimate flourishing of man.

    Yet he advocates genocide.

    That dude is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

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