Acclimation to the new job continues.

I’m actually sitting in the building I’ll be supporting for the first time. It’s pretty nice, one of the nicer buildings the company has, with a full blown cafeteria with all manner of goodies. I’m told there’s around 1,900 people total in the building and that’s a big step up from what I’m used to so I’m a tad nervous, but overall this is looking to be a good assignment. It turns out the Site Manager I’ll be with is someone that I worked somewhat closely with the last time I was at this company when they made me a planner—he was also a planner back then and we shared many a moment whining about how we didn’t want to be planners—so that’s a bonus as we had a good working relationship (misery loves company).

Expect light blogging this week as well as I’m still in training on the new job, but things should be getting back to normal soon. Gotta run. Off to meet the first level support team.

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