A thought I had. Yes! (Yoda)

Just finished watching episode II of Star Wars on T.V. when I had a strange thought. (Which you might have guessed by now is not that unusual!)

If you could somehow take someone from exactly one hundred years ago (1906) and plunk them down in a modern movie theatre with all the computer special effects, surround sound etc. etc. By the time they came out at the end of the movie they would probably be quite insane. I mean it would just be WAY too much for the human brain to handle all at once.

We grew up with this stuff and saw it evolve, so even though it might be impressive, it is in the normal sphere of things. But a hundred years ago, when the biggest thing was electricity, the beginning of powered flight and silent films that were unbelievably primitive, the average person off the street would see things which were totally beyond his or her comprehension.

Aftrer all it was Authur C. Clark who said ” Any civilization that is sufficiently advanced, would seem like magic to us!”

Technology is steadily accelerating and this brings us to the question; “What will the world of five hundred or a thousand years from now look like?”

(Provided we don’t blow ouselves up in the meantime, after all we have almost done that a couple of times already.)


2 thoughts on “A thought I had. Yes! (Yoda)

  1. Moses: We grew up with this stuff and saw it evolve

    Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.
    Dad, born 2nd August 1917 and therefore 89, just bought a new $1500 computer.
    What has he seen? It blows me away. smile
    My 2nd brother (the IT manager) ordered it for him from Dell and can’t get to Launceston to put it together for him.
    I told Dad to have a go at putting it together himself – just follow the instructions and … to send all his files to me by email or … copy to a floppy or … (I’d run out by then coz I know fuck all)
    Then he told me his (wife’s) 16 year old grand-boy is coming round for dinner tonite …
    So … I just called to see how he went … and he’d put it all together himself this arvo and Bro Dave is coming on Tuesday nite to transfer all the files.
    But … that’s cool, A?
    Eighty fuckin nine and put a ‘puter together.
    I mean … we know how simple it is but, he was born when motorised vehicles and aeroplanes were rare.
    He’s cool. I like him a lot.  smile

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