A magician who truly has nothing up her sleeve.

Updated December 2020: Looking back through my Top Posts list, I saw that this entry was getting a lot of hits so I clicked on it to read what I had wrote about it all the way back in 2006. That’s when I noticed that the link I provided to the video was no longer valid so I went looking to see if I could track it down. It turns out that she has uploaded her videos to YouTube. I would normally just embed the video here, but they’re age restricted because of the nudity so you’d have to go to YouTube and login to watch it anyway. The link below has been corrected. Original post follows:

We’ve all seen the classic disappearing hanky trick where a magician shows you a common handkerchief which he proceeds to make disappear from his hands only to reappear someplace else over and over again. It’s been around for years and there have been a number of variations on it, but Ursula Martinez has managed to come up with a twist that I’ve never seen before. Before I link to it, I should make it clear that it is


as it does involve nudity. Basically, Ursula does the hanky trick using a small red hanky which she makes disappear from her hand only to reappear in the pocket of her jacket, which she then removes leaving behind her skirt and bra. Then she does the trick again only to pull the hanky from the pocket of her skirt, which she also removes. She keeps progressing until she has no place left to hide the hanky…

She calls her version of the trick Hanky Panky.

Now as amusing as I found this video clip to be, what really struck me about it is that it appears to be taking place on some form of variety show that may have been broadcast over a standard television network. There’s a logo in the upper corner of the screen, but it’s too small for me to make out what it says. The webpage itself is written in a language I don’t recognize, but then I have a hard time recognizing English most of the time so that’s not saying much. Any of you SEB Regulars across the big pond able to make out where this was broadcast?

I’d watch a lot more TV if we got stuff like that over here on NBC.

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  1. I believe the show its on is called “Just For Laughs”, and the watermark in the corner is for Bell ExpressVu, a satelite TV system like Starchoice or Comcast. Although, considering the watermark, I would guess this is a pay-per-view section of the Just For Laughs show, because I watch that show alot, and (unfortunately) I’ve never seen something like this.

    Still good for a laugh, a cheer, and a well-deserved round of applause for the girl being that balsy.

  2. It looks like she’s using a prosthetic thumb to do most of the trick.

    Still, not a bad twist on an old stage trick.

  3. At first glance at the language here is Dutch; although I can’t actually read Dutch I can still speak a bit of it.
    Then when I look at the internet country code ‘.be’ is for Belgium which used to be part of The Netherlands so it’s not surprising the languge is similar.  wink

    Good trick though, A?  smile

  4. I first saw this video in July, my friend sent it to me, and the site I saw it on allowed for commenting.  And there was American after American making assumption after assumption saying all kinds of bullshit.  Like how she is ugly, the trick is obvious as to how she pulled it off, and stupd.  How she is ugly and shouldn’t be naked.  All of these people then saw that commentors were posting in French and the show was from Canaga, and went on all kinds of anti-Canada bullshit.  And of course there were those that were against the nudity.  I couldn’t believe it.

    And of course someone found out she was from France and it really made all of the commentors look stupid, which they already did, but it added to it.  I just was awe-struck at how stupid American posters looked.

    But I liked it and I still do.  I thought it was funny and well performed.

  5. Well, I watched the clip at work with no problems.  Of course, I’m all alone in my workshop…
    Very funny.  Perusing Martinez’ website, it looks as though she’s quite an original and thought-provoking performer.  I’d love to see her in person.

    For some reason Martinez reminded me of a film made by Peter McDonald in 2001: Harvey. (this is a 256kb stream; other download options are here).  I hasten to add that Harvey is only similar to Hanky Panky in the sense that it is provocative at more than one level, and also involves nudity.  Warning: Harvey is not only not safe for work, but it’s not safe if you’re distressed by blood and guts…

  6. Hey, Zilch, when you mentioned the movie Harvey, I thought of my favourite Jimmy Stewart movie of the same name.
    I don’t do Quicktime – it interfers with my pron.
    … and the credits go to “A team of rotoscopers, 3D trackers and compositors from Australia, New Zealand and Canada.”
    All current members of the British Commonwealth of Nations. God save the Queen.  LOL

  7. Well, LJ, I wouldn’t want your pron interfered with.  But you can download it as an mpeg and watch it with some other viewer.  I like VLC myself, although it won’t play WMVs.  For those, if you don’t want to deal with the Radix Malorum, you can get the MPlayer.  But I’m sure the real computer folks here can give you more advice.

    The Harvey I mentioned doesn’t have much in common with the great Jimmy Stewart film.

  8. I’m gonna have to agree with LuckyJohn on this one. The ccTLD is Belgium. Not only that, but there are three languages used commonly in Belgium: French, Dutch, and German. The language used primarily on the site is definitely Dutch. It has been awhile, but I believe the advertisement above the video says something like “The first book of Canary Pete”. Anyway, the watermark at the top of the screen is Bell ExpresssVu, a Canadian satellite television service which broadcasts exclusively in Canada. So I’m assuming the piece was originally aired as a pay-per-view special before it made its rounds on the internet and found its way to Belgium.

  9. Coolness. Thanks for the input. It was mostly to satisfy my curiosity, but that doesn’t mean it’s not appreciated.

    I was just struck by the high production values of the set and camera work used in the clip. Other than the magician stripping her clothes off it looked like something you’d see on American network TV.

  10. Les: I was just struck by the high production values of the set and camera work used in the clip.

    Yes, I agree; I only realised it in hindsight – damn furriners.  wink

    Other than the magician stripping her clothes …

    Yeah, even Oz wouldn’t show that in prime time. LOL

  11. As already mentioned, Bell Express Vu is a Canadian cable provider, and the show is Just For Laughs. This particular piece is from one of the gala shows at the Just For Laughs festival we have here in Montreal every summer. I’ve been to the galas before, but sadly didn’t go to that one…

  12. Iambic’s right.

    If you look PAST the naked woman, you’ll see the words “pour rire” (“for laughs”—I think) and “Montreal” appear on the stage backdrop several times. 😀

  13. Married or no, its difficult for me to look PAST a woman in the nude. Of course, it doesn’t help that at the end of the act she appears to pull a hanky out of her vagina. Its ironic though, that not too long ago a woman was stripped searched when she flew to Canada because apparently the authorities believed she was smuggling endangered fowl. I wish I could remember where I found the link to the news article but unfortunately its been too long.

  14. Come to think of it, the end of the trick would probably have a greater effect if a MALE performer completed it. Not something I would particularly care to see, but it gives the appearance of a much smaller cavity. After all, a female has got a lot more room to work with dependant upon her “experience”. Trust me, I’m a sailor…..I know these things. wink

  15. the old cheese.

    What a rubbish rhyming slang- who pairs cheese and kisses! I prefer the far more descriptive ‘Trouble and Strife’.

    Reminds me of something I saw over here once. about 13 years ago there was a variety show cum sit-com on TV, which had Jenny Eclair and Frank Skinner supposedly running a theatre. One night the finale was a man in a pink leotard and tu-tu who finished his act by stripping naked and sticking a lit fire work in his bum while singing “There’s no business like show business”.

    I just was awe-struck at how stupid American posters looked.

    What is it with Yanks and nudity? How do you lot shower? “I always close my eyes in case I am offended by my own nipples”

  16. LH: What a rubbish rhyming slang- who pairs cheese and kisses!

    No wuckers – I totally agree and an old Ozman obviously.
    I ‘ad a quick captains on the net and couldn’t find its root.
    I reckon there was a delicacy called cheese kisses at one time and by various associations it arrived full of all its non-splendour.  wink

  17. Someone just sent me the video – really enjoyed it…thought she had a very clever twist on an old trick.
    Really appreciate the link to Ursula’s sight – and the comments; found especially interesting the comments about American posters on the one sight. Too bad. All I can say is this is one American who enjoyed the show, and I thought she had a great body for stripping…..
    Great site! Thanks for the great info!

  18. Does someone know the name of the song during the performance? I can´t get it out of my head !

  19. Hey Hey…

    Details of the show and network: Just for Laughs (in French Juste pour rire) is a comedy festival held each July in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest festival of its kind in the world.

  20. The Hanky Panky act was performed in the award winning La Clique cabaret show and was filmed during the 2007 Montreal Comedy Festival. (Source Wikipedia)

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