A little RSS housekeeping.

For those of you who follow along at home using SEB’s RSS feeds (What? You don’t like my ugly mug staring at you while you read?) you’ll be happy to know that I’ve finally gotten around to adding a feature to the feeds that was requested over a year ago by Chris Ruzin. Namely, guest posts are now identified as such in the title.

It’s one of those things I’d been meaning to do forever, but would only remember when I wasn’t anywhere near my PC to actually implement it. The latest memory jog came the other day while at work when one of my coworkers who reads SEB asked me a question about an entry that Moses actually wrote. Not to imply I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m writing the same stuff Moses is, but it acted as a good reminder that I should really update the RSS feeds to add in the Guest Post info like I’d been intending to.

So of course I came home and forgot all about it. Until after I took a nap today and woke up and remembered for no apparent reason. So the changes are in place and it should be a little easier to tell my original entries apart from the Guest Posts in the RSS feeds.

1 thought on “A little RSS housekeeping.

  1. Mayhap it’s just me, but I was always able to tell guest posts through Bloglines, as the by-line is present under the title…

    Clinton lays the smackdown on FOX’s Mike Wallace.
    By Les on Politics

    The Superdome reopens tonight
    By Master_of_puppets on Rants, Stupidity in Action

    Of course, the latter is now:
    [Guest Post by Master_of_puppets] The Superdome reopens tonight
    By Master_of_puppets on Rants, Stupidity in Action

    …cest la vie, though, it makes me no never-mind.

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