Why I didn’t bother commenting on the JonBenet murder suspect.

I’ve had a few emails asking me why I haven’t written anything about the arrest of John Mark Karr as a suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder. It’s simple: I didn’t write anything because there wasn’t enough information to form an opinion on despite the way the mainstream media oversaturated the airwaves with every little tidbit they could come up with about it. Sure, he claimed to have done it, but then there’s a lot of people out there desperate enough for attention (or delusional enough) that they’ll claim they killed Elvis if given the chance.

As it turns out DNA evidence says it wasn’t him:

DNA tests completed Saturday confirmed that Karr “was not the source of the DNA found on the underwear of JonBenet Ramsey”—disproving his claim that he was sexually involved with the child and killed her by accident.

Karr’s family also provided “strong circumstantial” evidence he was with them in Georgia at the time of the crime, court papers stated.

The prosecutor’s motion said “no evidence has developed, other than his own repeated admissions, to place Mr. Karr at the scene of the crime.”

Karr’s Colorado public defender, Seth Temin, first disclosed that no charges would be filed and that a hearing scheduled for late Monday afternoon had been canceled.

So now we know and there’s really not much more to say. All the claims of vindication for the parents have been premature and all the speculation has been for naught.

Honestly, the amount of coverage this stupid case has gotten is quite disheartening considering the untold number of other children who aren’t from white upper-middle class families that are abducted and killed every day with barely a mention in the paper. Yes, it’s tragic and I’m sure it’s very wrenching for the family members and so on, but they’re not unique in their grief and there’s plenty of even more important stuff happening in the world.

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  1. Investigation

    In 1996 the Boulder Police Department and their entire criminal justice organization botched the investigation of the bizarre murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Starting with the destruction of the crime scene, the tunnel vision focused entirely on the family, the unprofessional leaks to the media, and disregard for evidence that did not fit their preconceived notions of who killed the child.  Only much later, after a grand jury looked at the case and after some changes in personnel, did the blame for this brutal crime shift from John and Patsy Ramsey. Of course by then, the trail of the real killer was very cold.

  2. Man for a second I thought I was the only one that didn’t give a shit about this Karr guy and the story the media was jumping on.  Personally I just don’t give a shit.  And this is just yet another reason why I don’t pay for cable.

  3. Hardly a mention of the NSA Wiretap decision compared to the coverage this has gotten…

    Coincidence or by design? (Tongue firmly in cheek)

  4. Nope, I thought that the amount of attention focused on this was obscene.  And Karr parlaying into his fifteen minutes infinitely more so.  Pity he can’t be thrown into the hoosegow for that alone.  The sad thing is that no one seems to be asking what, exactly, he was doing in Bankok.

  5. FOX! “Fair & Balanced” NEWS! gave this nonstop coverage.  Amazing they found time in their 24/7 drumbeat for war but they always do when a white girl is murdered or missing.  Can’t say as they ever mentioned the murdered girl from our university whose parents had emigrated from Africa.

    They did cover the angle of the NSA wiretap that the “elite media” didn’t want you to know: how liberals are working night and day to make us vulnerable to Terror!  “Is there any anti-Terror measure those liberals wouldn’t oppose?” (actual quote)

    Something like 200 people confessed to kidnapping the Lindburgh baby.  That is worth discussing, but this case in itself is hardly worth hundreds of hours of network television.

  6. I also care very little about the JonBenet Ramsey case. I do have my suspicions about who the real killer was, and she died a few months ago.

  7. JonBenet: DNA Rules Out Parents

    An investigator at Denver’s police crime lab for forensics says DNA found at the Ramsey murder scene came from a male who was not associated with the case, thus ruling out family members as well as a convicted sex offender in Boulder who had been mentioned as a suspect.

    The media is responsible for the (continued) high profile of the case.

  8. I never believed that there was much of a chance that Karr had anything to do with the murder.

    I didn’t really hear him “confess” to anything other than being ‘guilty’ (which begs the question, “Of what exactly?”). He also said he was with her when she died, but while most of us would assume that he means that in a physical way, it is important to keep in mind that obsessed individuals believe in a deep spiritual connection between themselves and the ‘other.’

    He’s just a guy who is deeply disturbed and obsessed with this girl.

    On a plus side, they now have his DNA on file and I would assume that there is a large data base that they use to cross-reference DNA findings.

  9. I’ve had a few emails asking me why I haven’t written anything about the arrest of John Mark Karr as a suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

    Thank you ;its nice to see _one_ source of news- As far as Im concerned, This site is a far more reliable news source than Chicken Noodle News or fair-and-balanced (yeah, maybe by Limbaugh’s, Coulter’s, or Schlessinger’s standards) Fox News- not reporting on this story 20 times a day. Yes it is very tragic but , as you said, thousands of children dissappear each day and they certainly dont get their stories in international news.

    I remembered watching the news story as thinking, “what if they’ve got the wrong guy?”

  10. I don’t know that I’d go as far as to describe SEB as a news source so much as a site that sometimes talks about news stories. We have a long way to go before we could be considered a news source. I don’t even have a single journalist on my payroll yet.


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