Whining about the War!On!Christmas! off to an early start.

The American Family Association is getting an early start on bitching about the so-called War!On!Christmas! already. Seems Sam’s Club just released the latest issue of their in-house magazine Source which included an ad for Christmas stuff that’ll be showing up in the stores very shortly and the AFA’s panties are all in a bunch because the ad uses the word “Holiday” instead of Christmas:

Randy Sharp, special projects director for the American Family Association, says it looks like Sam’s Club parent company Wal-Mart is adhering to the same “holiday” policy in the 2006 season as it followed in 2005. “Last year,” he says, “Wal-Mart refused to use the word Christmas in their advertising, and they were inundated by angry customers. And already this year they’re showing their true colors by again refusing to acknowledge Christmas.”

This past June, Sharp notes, AFA sent Wal-Mart a copy of a letter and more than 200,000 petition signatures that went to most major retailers in America, asking them not to ban the word Christmas from their advertising and promotions. He says there was no answer until the advertisement in Source came out.

“Last week the first Christmas ad came out, and that was for Sam’s Club, owned by the Wal-Mart Stores Corporation,” the AFA spokesman explains. “The ad is clearly meant to promote Christmas decorations and Christmas tree items,” he says, “but Sam’s Club refuses to refer to Christmas as Christmas. They simply use the generic term holiday.”

Sharp suggests that potential shoppers, especially Christians who celebrate the holiday, should let Sam’s Club know how they feel about this issue. He urges pro-faith, pro-family consumers to e-mail the company right away with their pleas that call the holiday by its true name.

Give me a fucking break. Leave it to Christians to make me dread my favorite holiday by being obsessive pricks about whether a store makes sure to use “Christmas” every time they advertise anything related to the holiday. Isn’t it enough that they managed to steal the holiday from the Pagans to begin with? Now they have to get all fucking uppity if someone refers to it as anything other than the name they bastardized it with. Only 118 days before all these assholes can stop whining about it until next year.

Hat tip to Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

8 thoughts on “Whining about the War!On!Christmas! off to an early start.

  1. The pagans ought to protest the local churches for swiping their shit, fucking cross-swinging sonsa bitches…

    What kills me about this is that were all damn sure the company isnt gonna change the title “holiday” to “christmas” all because some baby raping-and-facialing-and-sodomizing sacks of shit whined about it.  That fact that they think they can change it is amusing in and of itself.

    That gives an idea for a bumber sticker though…

    “Like the holidays?  Thank a pagan!”

  2. I think Wal-Mart is stupid for not saying “Christmas”, but selling Christmas stuff, and I think those petitioners need to get a life. “Only in America”

  3. I don’t think it’s like that in Oz yet – hope we don’t catch it or catch up. smile
    I still say ‘merry xmas’ which to me is no more our less than saying ‘hope you have a good time’ – there are no sexual or religious meanings attached.

  4. I WANT CHRISTMAS. I hate the way it’s mutating into ‘Holiday’ in the UK. In Britain it is part of our identity, and I hate it when some ‘right on’ local council says we can’t use it because may upset some-one (ie muslims). The funny thing is the Muslims say ‘We won’t be offended’.

    The trouble is that these stories always appear in the right wing press, so I am never sure how credible they are.

  5. I’ve been to far too many Wal-marts in the South, Midwest and Northeast, and they all have a big section of Christian books, usually out in front of the regular book section where you can’t miss it.  So I don’t get the controversy, except of course it riles up the contributors and helps the AFA’s bottom line.

    “Happy Holidays” is meant not only to offend the least number of sane people but to blanket everything from Thanksgiving to, I presume, Orthodox Christmas and all the holidays in between.  That way they do not have to make expensive, specific decorations for the stores that have to be changed every few weeks.

    All they need is an orange and black Christmas tree and they could rope in Halloween as well.  Put a bust of MLK Jr. on top, and they’d be good until February.  Make MLK Jr. a cherub holding a heart, and they’d be golden through Valentine’s Day.  Put a green hat on, etc.

  6. Ok, so I went to the AFA website, and found out that they have an email link ( https://secure.afa.net/afa/activism/wm_083006.asp )to send emails to the president of WalMart complaining about WM’s “promoting of the homosexual agenda”.  You can edit the email and add your own comments before you send it.  I sent one that states that I’m THRILLED with such promotion.  I wonder if AFA checks them over before they go out?  Perhaps a person could use that to state that he or she is thrilled about the use of “holiday” instead of “christmas”?  Anybody know how these things work?  Sort of like Steven Colbert highjacking that Hungarian web poll to name a new bridge…

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