Verizon and Bellsouth replace old USF fee with new ones for themselves.

A short while ago…

    Big Telephone Companies: (In unison to Congress) “If you eliminate the Universal Service Fund regulatory charge on DSL it’ll be a big benefit for consumers!”

    Congress: “OK. Done. It’s gone.”

    Verizon: (To Customers) “Good news! You no longer will be charged the USF fee on your bills! Though, by a complete coincidence, we’re introducing a new Supplier Surcharge Fee that just happens to be almost exactly the same as the old USF fee except we keep the money instead of giving it to the government. No, these two events aren’t related. Why would you think that?”

    Bellsouth: “Fuck it. We’re not even going to try and pretend. We’re just going to keep charging you the same fee using the same name it had previously and just pocket the money. Fuck you if you don’t like it.”

At the moment AT&T and Qwest aren’t following the lead of the above two companies, but that probably won’t last long.

4 thoughts on “Verizon and Bellsouth replace old USF fee with new ones for themselves.

  1. Like I’ve been saying… Only good big capital is one with shotgun’s business end on forehead!

  2. I’m sure it will do no good, but I wrote to the FCC, and will be writing to my congressional reps.

    This is clear bait-and-switch. They advertize 29.95 for service. They currently get to add on government allowed fees…but this isn’t that. This “fee” is something they are tacking on, on their own initiative—adding directly to their bottom line. The same as buying something at walmart for 29.95, and having them tell you there’s a “5.95 good service fee” that they want you to pay.

    Personally, I’m going to suggest that the telcoms and other companies need to advertize “Here’s what you will be charged for our service, including all the government-permitted add-on charges.”

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