The last Swiss Army Knife you will ever need.

… at least until the TSA people confiscate it at the airport.

Wenger wants you to do one thing: throw out your old knives. Actually, it wants you to do several things: throw out your bike tools, your toiletries, your laser pointer and so on, because you can find all of these instruments in a huge Swiss Army knife, which includes every tool the company makes. Wenger is calling the contraption “Giant Knife Version 1.0.” It debuted with all 85 features and can perform hundreds of functions.

Who doesn’t need a cigar cutter next to a bicycle chain rivet setter next to a golf divot repair tool? Wenger is on to something with this everyman’s gadget. It wouldn’t be a knife, though, without a blade, so Wenger put seven in the line-up. And it wouldn’t be Swiss Army unless it came with tweezers and a toothpick. (They’re included, too.)

That thing must be damned near impossible to actually use. Still, if you’re after the ultimate all-in-one tool this is probably it.

2 thoughts on “The last Swiss Army Knife you will ever need.

  1. Wow, that’s… something.  Really, though, it needs to be modular so you could actually use the damn thing, instead of it being an expensive conversation piece.
    I’ll stick to my Victorinox Woodsman, thanks.

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