The Daily Show on Joe Loserman’s primary loss.

As always, they pretty much nail it.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Show on Joe Loserman’s primary loss.

  1. Samantha Bee: Jo, we don’t want to go out with you anymore.  LOL
    And then she suggests that what Joseph Lieberman’s intends doing is called stalking.
    Do you think there’s too much comedy in politics?  LOL

  2. Joseph Lieberman’s intends …

    Should read: Joseph Lieberman intends …
    I don’t want the apostrophe man’s wraith. LOL

  3. Ned Lamont was an unknown just six months ago—I met him for the first time last February. So this unknown dark horse candidate clobbers a three-term senator who’s been involved in CT politics for 30 years, and Joe Blowhard thinks the outcome was close? 29,000 indies registered as Democrats in order to vote for Ned in this primary (including me). And Joe thinks he has a chance as a party of one?

    I’m all for term limits—would end this sort of nonsense. One of the many reasons I like Ned is he says he has no intention of making the Senate a career.

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