Season 2 of the new “Doctor Who” will air on Sci-Fi channel.

Looks like the first season of the revived Doctor Who must have done at least moderately well for the Sci-Fi Channel as word has it that season 2 will launch on September 29th:

Series Two of the new Doctor Who series starring David Tennant and Billie Piper will, by all indication, see its US debut on September 29 on the Sci Fi Channel, along with Series One repeats earlier in the day. The news hasn’t officially been confirmed by the channel; however, an NBC/Universal release (in PDF form) for Sci Fi shows that Doctor Who returns to the schedule on the evening starting at 9pm four episodes, the first two of which are marked “new” (and “repeat” at 11pm and 12am, the usual pattern for a premiere night). Outpost Gallifrey was, in fact, told that the series was “almost certain” to return “this October” recently, although no information was forthcoming until this release. Sci Fi’s schedulebot does show four episodes broadcast that evening; in late September, there is almost no likelihood of a Friday night airing of reruns.

There’s a big question mark hanging over the Christmas special—The Christmas Invasion—as it’s a longer-than-usual episode that would be tricky to fit into the channel’s normal schedule, but word has it that Sci-Fi will air it after the start of the new season:

Update 6 August: Outpost Gallifrey has heard from our contacts that this is indeed Series Two and that it debuts with the two-hour block on 29 September because the third season of “Battlestar Galactica” debuts the following week with a two-hour episode block. Doctor Who and Galactica will air at 9pm and 10pm, respectively, with another series airing at 8pm throughout October and November, with a short break for the Christmas holidays. Our source also believes that “The Christmas Invasion” is being held back in this first block, and will instead be aired as a special in December. More details soon.

Not that I’m too concerned as I’m primarily interested in getting my hands on the DVDs once they’re available here in North America having already seen season 2 thanks to BitTorrent. Still it’s good to see the series is popular enough here to continue on the Sci-Fi channel as that just gives the BBC that much more reason to keep it going.

Discovered via Solonor’s blog.

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  1. Did anyone watch the first Season beyond the I-horde-Omni-magazines/I-can-overclock-my-TI-85 sort of soon-to-be-if-not-now-single kind of 35+ Western British-culture whore males ?

    I could be wrong on the show’s demographics.

  2. I-horde-Omni-magazines

    I don’t


    I can’t


    Got married soon after

    Sorry Rob- I know everybody on the planet respects you “I’m and american therefore have culture”

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