Richard Dawkins on Teapot Atheism.

All the other cool kids are posting this clip so I thought I should too..

It’s a good clip that helps illustrate what it’s like to be an atheist in a world full of believers. I believe it’s from his Root of All Evil documentary he did awhile back.

14 thoughts on “Richard Dawkins on Teapot Atheism.

  1. I saw the teapot…it’s image was on a wall at the back of the office tower beneath the cooling ventaltion grill.  My faith is confirmed! The teapot DOES exist.

  2. Well, I don’t believe your teapot is real.  I believe in the only true god (cause he touched me with his noodly apendage), the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  I see him everyday on my way home from work, when I pass an italian restaurant.

  3. That could be arranged, LH. I don’t see it in any of the usual online stores, but I could whip something up for SEB’s Cafe Press store if you wanted it.

  4. Nice thought Les but I’m a bit stoney at the moment. If ever I can afford it it will be easier to get it printed here- probably cheaper that the shipping form the US. (I want a SEB T- just not sure where I can wear any thing with Stupid Evil Bastard on)

  5. “SEB- going one God further since 2001”

    “I go one God further, do you?”

    “Set, Apollo, Thor….
    I go one god further- can you?

  6. That analogy was amazingly clear and simple.  I love what a great picture can do to show an idea.  The Jesus bobble-head was a great finishing touch as well.

  7. I bought a silver charm teapot to wear around my neck.Now whenever somebody asks about my teapot I explain Russells teapot story.
    I suggest all of us Atheists wear a teapot charm so that we can recognize a non zombie.

  8. I am a wife of an Atheist, and it’s amazing how we both agree on so many things even religion. I found that my Atheist husband is more Christian in beliefs than the Christians!

    There are many things that we cannot explain as of now, but I believe science will eventually be able to explain them.

    I believe that the God I believe in is so knowledgeable that the things He does appears to be magic to those who are not as knowledgeable.

    The Bible that many Christians believe in are not even complete and probably have been corrupted already.

    The Naghamaddi library were not included in the Bible, and for some reason Christian religions doesnt want to include it when it contains information written by many of the apostles. They cherry picked only the ones that they liked. It details about the origin. It tells us that the God, Christ talks about is not the “All Powerful”, “All Knowing”, “All whatever”, but instead “Most powerful, most knowledgeable, and has foreknowledge. I guess it is possible to be able to see the future if you are too knowledgeable, that is the concept of statistics.

    On the gospel of Thomas, Christ is telling that the salvation He is talking about is not from the Hell per se, but from our own ignorance. He tells about God being inside of us and that our body is God’s temple.

    Truly Christ is an enlightened being but many misunderstood Him specially the “Christians”, and it’s amazing to see that the people who truly appreciates His words are the atheists! I see now that the true believers are the atheists!

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