Monday morning aftermath. Server storm appears to have passed.

Just a quick post to check in on a Monday morning after my birthday weekend. I had a very enjoyable weekend starting with my birthday on Friday as the in-laws took us out for a steak dinner at Outback and then back to the house for home made ice cream cake and the presents thing. I got Shadow of the Colossus from Courtney, Sex, Drugs & DNA plus a new Ah! My Goddess! DVD from the TV series I’ve not seen from my wife, and some birthday money from the in-laws which I spent on Saturday picking up a new 320GB HD, The Movies along with its Stunts and Effects expansion pack, Destroy All Humans, and Black and White 2. Sunday we drove up to my parents place for a birthday lunch and cake and my folks gave me a copy of
Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional
so I can learn how to use that image editor properly once and for all. I think that’s everything, though I may have missed something as I’m still in a bit of a fog as I was up later than I should have been playing with my new toys.

As for the server, at first this morning I thought maybe the Spam Storm had moved on to better targets, but the rendering time for the site varies from page load to page load. I’ve had it be as short as 3 seconds and as long as half a minute this morning. It does seem to be much improved compared to Friday and Saturday so perhaps things are returning to what passes for normal around here.

So, despite the drive in today being a bit more harried today than usual and the weather being a tad disagreeable, it’s a pretty good start to the week.

Update: I just recalled what the missing item I received happened to be. It was the Civ4 Warlords expansion bought for me by my wife. I also need to put in a big thank you to EyesOnly as I arrived home today to find a box with a copy of the first Battle for Middle Earth game and the book A Mind of its Own: How your brain distorts and deceives waiting for me off my Wish List. I promise to review them as you request just as soon as I’ve experienced enough of both to write something coherent about them.

2 thoughts on “Monday morning aftermath. Server storm appears to have passed.

  1. Be sure to report on your progress with GIMP, and if the book helps a lot. I’d like to give it a shot, but certification and gaming first smile.

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