Joe Scarborough asks “Is Bush an idiot?”

Seems like a rhetorical question to me, but decide for yourself…

11 thoughts on “Joe Scarborough asks “Is Bush an idiot?”

  1. Elwed: I couldn’t watch this clip all the way through.

    I got 10% through it. Embarrassing … and I’m not an American.  confused

  2. I couldn’t watch this clip all the way through either.  I think I got about halfway before I started retching.  They are exactly right though.  Inarticulate people are not necessarily stupid


    Bush has proven in many other ways that he is stupid.  His administration can barely keep him from getting into even more trouble and the only times when they collectively show that they can effectively run the country, they do something so evil you wish they would go back to being stupid so they would just be embarrassing.  I find it astonishing that a news network would spend so much time debating not only whether he is an idiot, but whether it matters that a president is smart.

    Yes, he’s an idiot.  Yes, it matters, go to a commercial already.

  3. The fact that inarticulate people are not necessarily stupid as the WSJ guy was constantly stating may be true, but in the real world, that hardly gets you any points. 

    Even if you are super talented but cannot communicate your thoughts well, you’ll be relegated to being a nerd, someone who can be useful, but hardly is able to command respect, inspire others, or lead others.  So, how is it that anyone can say that the role of most powerful leader in the world, can honestly be filled by an asshat that can’t even pronounce underestimate?  Lucky for them he’s already been installed.  If he had to actually win an election honestly I doubt he would be able to pull it off, especially with the abysmal track record he’s shown so far.

  4. The Daily Show gets shown a day later over here.  The trailers go
    Clip of bush “our enemies… (1st bit)
    Caption on black screen:  He is leader of the most powerful military in the world.
    “Our enemies never stop thinking of new ways to harm our country, and neither do we”
    Caption: We’re all f***ed

    If we are to consider him not stupid, he has to show evidence.

    He has formed many small companies… from large ones.
    Of the 150 death warrents he signed as governer, 3 were for mentally ill people with the mental age of children, and 3 were almost certainly innocent. All 6 were poor and black. (Source Independant Newspaper, 2000 (I think)
    He has formed close ties to a corrupt, brutal dictatorship- the House of Saud.

  5. Oh, and I forgot to mention – the guest who said Bush was presiding over a great economy sorta forgot to mention the deficit.  That is a “great economy” sitting on top of a ticking package…

    I have been trying to track down a quote from Walter Mondale to the effect of “You let me write [x billion] worth of hot checks and I’ll give you an illusion of prosperity too!”

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