It was such a simple plan…

Took yesterday off from work to get the car worked on because they couldn’t fit it into the weekend and it made for a nice three day weekend which I’ve not had in awhile. Not a big deal, right? Then it got complicated really quickly. First there’s one part they need to finish up work on the car that they don’t have in stock so it’s supposed to arrive today. Then it turns out that my daughter’s friend who was staying the night last night needs to go home today earlier than we had expected so a car needs to be available in the afternoon so even if I were to drive into work today I’d need to leave early to be back in time to get her home.

OK, not a huge problem, I’ll just work from home today. So I set my alarm for 7:45AM so I can be logged in by 8AM and I get up and creep downstairs and power on the PC to find that I can’t connect to my work machine. Which is really odd because I was able to connect last night to send out the email saying I’d be working from home before going to bed. Turns out the office had a minor power outage around 6:34 this morning so my PC is off. It’s always embarrassing having to ask your boss to power on your work machine so you can… work.

So it may be Tuesday officially, but it’s feeling a lot like Monday.

2 thoughts on “It was such a simple plan…

  1. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry
    No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it. The saying is adapted from a line in “To a Mouse,

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