Hundreds of Mumbai residents proclaim “sweet sea water” a miracle.

As if we needed more proof that credulity isn’t limited to Christians, over in India something has altered the normally salty water of the Arabian Sea making it sweet and the residents there are literally lapping it up as a miracle:

About 5,000 people gathered at the creek in India’s biggest city of Mumbai overnight, and many of them were seen drinking the dirty water with their palms, they said.

“Sweet seawater, this is a miracle. This water is divine,” Sheikh Naseer, a Mumbai resident, told a local TV news channel.

He was also shown giving a young boy a bath in the creek’s murky waters that receive thousands of tonnes of sewage and industrial waste every day.

Some people carried seawater away in bottles and plastic bags, saying they were going to share it with their families. Children as well as adults bathed in the murky water in which garbage and plastic were seen floating.

As usual with people of this sort not only are they claiming the water is now fine to drink, but there’s also claims that it has suddenly gained miraculous healing powers. Nothing specific is spelled out in the news item on what the water has supposedly cured people of, but among True Believers™ the need for specifics is minimal when it comes to miracles. Not to say that these people are particularly stupid, but…

Last year three people drowned in the Arabian Sea off Mumbai after thousands of people made a dash for a beach where diamonds were rumoured to be washing ashore.

Turned out those “diamonds” were just bits of glass. Oops.

3 thoughts on “Hundreds of Mumbai residents proclaim “sweet sea water” a miracle.

  1. I think what probably happened is there was an antifreeze spill upstream of epic proportions and that’s causing the sweet taste in the water.  That or God was driving a really big heaven mobile and it started overheating and leaking sweet, sweet heavenly auto coolant.  Yeah, that’s more likely.

  2. The paranoia I have gained over the last 5 years with Bush in office made me immediately think if anyone has become seriously ill or died from drinking a lot of that crap, and if anyone has hushed it up.

  3. It reminds me of …

    It’s like the Sufi story, wherein everyone drank of the water that came from their wells. One person kept some of this water in storage. One day, the water coming from the wells changed, and everyone who drank it behaved and believed completely different from how they had before. Further, they had no memory of the water that was before, or that the water was ever different. The person who had stored up the old water, however, continued drinking from his stockpile. As a result, he saw that everyone was acting in a manner that they previously would have considered insane; and any attempt he made to convince others that they had changed was met with ridicule. He even offered them some of his stockpiled water, and they considered him mad. As you can imagine, he became very lonely—- yet managed to drink only stockpiled water…until one day, he decided he would rather be insane like everyone else, rather than sane and alone. So he drank a cup of water from the wells, and promptly forgot all about his stockpile, and behaved like everyone else. Everyone else, by the way, was relieved that the poor addled and insane fool had finally come to his senses.

    I feel sorry for their ignorance … and their ‘madness’.

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