Harrods of London reminds us there’s 139 shopping days left ‘til Christmas.

One of the things about me that seems contradictory to a lot of outsiders is the fact that I’m an atheist who really loves the Christmas holidays. I’ve explained before in this blog that it has nothing to do with the religious aspects and everything to do with the secular and materialistic aspects of the season, but it still confounds some folks because I’m into them in a big way—the first year I was in my apartment my Christmas tree stayed up all year long simply because I wanted it to stay up. The first hints of a chill in the air come September/October and I’m ready to bust out the Christmas music and it’s all I can do to keep from engaging in the very pagan ritual of decorating the tree until Thanksgiving at least arrives (as is often required by my wife).

That is to say I’m all about getting a jump on the holidays, but even I have my limits unlike the folks at Harrods of London who have already opened up their “Christmas World” display this week:

Launching its 15,000 sq ft ‘Christmas World’, Harrods reminded customers they have only 139 shopping days left before December 25.

A Father Christmas clad in a red safari suit and accompanied by a zebra were drafted in to mark the event.

Bing Crosby’s ‘Let It Snow’ played in the background of the department store’s Christmas area.

Harrods said foreign tourists were the main reason it had launched Christmas World in August every year for the last decade.

Note that I’m not really ranting about this—if there’s enough demand that the store can earn some bucks getting started early then I can’t blame them for it. And, in all honesty, if I were there and happened to stumble upon said display my wife would sigh and look at me in that mildly amused way that she does when my eyes light up like a five year old kid’s at the sight of something I consider truly wondrous and amazing, which I would undoubtedly find such a display to be, and she’d tell me to run off and drool over everything so long as I didn’t take up the whole afternoon in doing so.

It goes without saying that two of my favorite places in Michigan to visit are the Aldridge’s Always Christmas store in Canterbury Village near where I used to live in Orion Township and Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frakenmuth, Michigan. I don’t even mind the fact that in recent years Bronner’s has taken to emphasizing the fact that “Christ” is the first part of the holiday’s name by putting it in all caps (e.g. CHRISTmas Wonderland). I’m so pathetic that just writing this entry is making me rather giddy.

Anyway it’s not like Harrods is alone as the article goes on to report that rival London store Selfridges is opening their Christmas display a full two weeks early today to compete for the dollars of people just like me who happen to live in England or are visiting at the moment. Locally I’m sure if I were to wander into the Home and Garden section of Meijers I’d find they have the first few Christmas related products on the shelves as they tend to put out the artsy-craftsy stuff about now because folks want to buy those ahead of time so they have a couple of months to assemble them before the holidays arrive. I do sympathize with the folks who think this is all a bit too early, though. The folks at Harrods address that as well:

“There are cynics out there who say it is too early. If the whole store was decked out then yes, it would be too early, but that won’t be until the beginning of November,” he said. “Just this one small area will be up and running before then.”

So if you’re in London and the site of Christmas crap this early in the year will make you see red then I’d suggest avoiding Harrods of London for the time being.

8 thoughts on “Harrods of London reminds us there’s 139 shopping days left ‘til Christmas.

  1. I had a father and son, Jehovah’s witnesses, doing the brick-work on the pyramid I built in the 80s.
    I asked if they were gonna work xmas day to which Bill replied: Yes, we’ll be working coz we don’t celebrate xmas day. We think every day should be regarded a xmas day.
    I thought that was a pretty cool idea. 
    Other than that I regard xmas as a pain in the arse even though I usually spend it, in Tassie with Dad and my evil (not) step-mother, ‘being nice’.  wink

  2. heh saw that in the mail i nearly died, soon theyll be starting the christmas shopping season before the last ones ended and we might get a day of peace then its chaos of christmas again (sigh).

  3. I’m already laughing.

    Good onya, Consi.  LOL
    Most people laugh
    I guarantee if you saw it you’d say: FUCK! … just as most blokes do, especially if they’ve built something.
    Yeah, I had (have) been interested in pyramids from child-hood. Always wanted to build one; never knew how.
    Interesting – I’ve never put this story to paper.

    In 83 I changed employers (new company bought out the premises and I came with it – that’s another interesting story – – one at a time) and had an agreement that I get 10% of the GP as a cash bonus. I think it lasted 3 years. The last one was $18k – if I hadda made the deal last another 5 years I woulda got 100k.
    Anyway in 84 I sold my house and bought 100 acres 20 clicks from town and started designing/planning a house.
    I even considered mud-brick.
    Bought a caravan and built an annex with a shower and toilet, generator, pump, Solar panels, batteries, heaps of tools including air compressor and nail gun and 20klt water tank and a mate with a big machine thingy with a bloody big bucket, levelled a site.
    A friend gave me a lotta owner/builder and ‘alternate’ building/living mags.
    One day I saw a photo of how someone had the 3 poles (in each of the 4 corners of a pyramid) joined and I went into over-drive; I was straight and sober at the time.
    I had a customer (draughtsman/major projects builder) draw me up the plans from my drawings including plans for concrete slab and footing and the drawings for the steelwork I had to get made to join 4×3 corner poles and the 1×4 at the apex … 10.5 mts.
    Anyway, had the concrete poured, waited a month and put up the poles. Can you imagine the angles one needs to cut (after a lot of calculations in a non-math brain) on the skinny end of a 17m pole to make them fit snugly into the top-cap steel work?
    The ground-floor brickwork was an 8m Circle (wheel) within a 16m circle (wheel). The outer section (within the circles) was divided into 8 equal sections.
    (The next floor up was in the shape of a cross with my bed dead centre – I’ve never slept as well.)
    Why a circle? Only two basic alternatives; octagon or circle.
    I asked my girlfriend, at the time, which and she suggested a circle.
    Years later I asked why she said the circle: Because I heard it was harder. LOL
    Then I had to figure out how you attach straight (milled) wooden rafters onto circular telegraph poles.
    My 1st brother, who’d built some sets for movies, helped me design and put up the entire framework.
    By that time my brain had gone into a slump. I’d lived and breathed the pyramid for almost a year. The first day at work and we had an argument.
    I told him I didn’t want to think and he, having experience, would be the boss and me the lackey … and even though I didn’t smoke dope or drink, I’d grown a few plants in the valley, I gave him the dope. He was stoned the whole time and made no mistakes (that I recall) except that when our other two brothers came for a look and the youngest stood in one corner of the 1st floor looked over to the other corner and suggested we were 25mm out. We got the clear plastic tubing we used and it was only out by 20mm.
    My 3rd brother and some mates helped me with the roof over a weekend and I finished off all the cut bits.
    Other than the help mentioned I did the rest. Jeez I was fit.
    The most fun was a stairway from the ground floor to the next. All dowelled.
    Now this story is getting too long.
    I sold it in 91 or 92 for not enough money as there is little interest in pyramids from people with money.

    One little add-on.
    Back in 96 I got whip-lashed when an SUV rammed the back of my Celica. Days later I developed a head-ache that started as a 3 outa 10 when I awoke and 12 hours later it was a suicidal 11 outa 10 (?).
    Anyway 3 people over about 4 days suggested I go see Tom the Masseur. 
    I went to his place of biz, no one there. His phone number was in the window so I called. He said he meet me there at 1pm as he had to drive in to town.
    You know where this is going don’t you?
    I arrived, the door was still closed and a lady was waiting there too. I said I had an appt and did she know where Tom had to drive from.
    Billywillinga Road.
    I said: Ah, I built a pyramid there.
    She said: We bought it. (From the people I’d sold it to)
    He didn’t fix my headache but I gave him all the plans and everything to do with the building.

    So Consi I did build a pyramid, with a Perspex top
    I just found 5 photos showing a building in progress.
    If I had very clear instructions as to how to put them into my member profile I would but … LOL

  4. Email them to me and I’ll turn this into an entry complete with the pictures. I think it’s fascinating.

    Done – I only sent Photo 1.
    Tickle the interest a little. LOL
    I’ll send the others tomorrow morning.

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