Giants’ fans show their loyalty to Barry Bonds

Did anyone catch the game last night between the Giants and the Rockies at Pac Bell SBC park (oh, bollocks) AT&T Park? Well, it was quite a show in the bottom of the ninth inning. It all started when Barry started arguing with the Umpire over a strike 2 which Barry (and I, too) thought clearly was not a strike. Barry did not stop, however, and he wound up getting ejected from the game all together.

It didn’t end there, though. Many fans (probably drunk) started to hurl garbage all over the field, and the Rockies had to come off the field until the grounds crew got things cleaned up.

In a rare display of frustration, there were several hundred other unprofessional people at AT&T Park shortly after Bonds was thrown out, with unruly fans throwing an assortment of paper and plastic and miscellaneous stuff onto the outfield grass, causing an 11-minute delay.

At the end of the game, after the Giants lost, the umpire had to be escorted off the field with a security guard. I’m very dissapointed in my fellow Giants fans. I guess it shows how fiercely loyal they are to Barry even after all the steroid allegations.

5 thoughts on “Giants’ fans show their loyalty to Barry Bonds

  1. The umpire should have declared the game forfeited in favor of the Rockies.

    Years ago, when I coached Little League ball, I remember the rule book was that there are some calls you’re not allowed to argue or dispute:


    The ejection was correct.

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