Dell to finally start offering desktop PCs with AMD processors.

Dell has traditionally been an Intel only supporter, but it appears that they’re going to start putting out Dimension desktops with AMD processors starting in September.

Dell is extending its relationship with AMD, first announced last quarter. Dell will launch Dimension desktop computers with AMD processors next month and will introduce a two-socket and multi-processor server using AMD Opteron processors by the end of the year.

I’m a big fan of AMD’s processors so I’m glad to see them finally being utilized by the largest PC company out there at the moment as it should help to insure that AMD won’t be going anywhere soon.

2 thoughts on “Dell to finally start offering desktop PCs with AMD processors.

  1. Man this is great news for AMD.  I have always been a fan of AMD, since they haven’t really sold their CPU’s based off a name like Intel.  Well there’s that, and the fact they were always cheaper.  But this should really help them gain a considerable share of the market away from Intel.

  2. Now if they could just keep their batteries from exploding, the keyboards on their laptops from disintigrating and oh yeah.. that SEC investigation off their backs…. maybe they might be back in the running.  If I were AMD, I wouldn’t count my chickens before they installed and in homes.

    “Oh Yeah?  Well we just signed a deal with Dell”

    “Yeah I know.. I’m sorry.”

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