Cool demo of computer interface of the future.

A flat screen display that’s touch sensitive and can handle multiple input sources at once combined with some pretty cool software makes for something that looks like it jumped right out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

5 thoughts on “Cool demo of computer interface of the future.

  1. Oh, great… an even goooier interface.  I suppose it would be all right for gaming or maybe ARC/GIS but please tell me there’s a command line in there somewhere for getting real work done?

    I guess what gets my grump on is the guy lamenting that ‘another generation of children will be learning point and click with a mouse’ (or words to that effect) on the $100 laptop.  Horrors!

  2. Looks like an awesome thing to have, but only really useful for video/audio producers.  Gaming would be near impossible on that thing.

    Not to say I don’t want one wink

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