Congratulations, Kansas!

It turns out that my native state is not a complete embarrassment after all. In the primary elections for the state Board of Education, two pro-science candidates picked up seats to join a third, retained pro-science seat. From Ed Brayton’s Dispatches From the Culture Wars:

It’s pretty much settled now. We picked up two seats (Cauble and Shaver) and retained a third (Waugh). That is enough to shift the power back in favor of science and against ID, 6-4. An absolutely huge victory, especially given how much money and effort the DI, IDNet and others put into their candidates. Congratulations, Kansas, and welcome back to the reality-based community.

Sure, it’s only a primary election, and the actual election is yet to come in November, but this is a wonderful sign nonetheless. A native Kansan girl can hope, can’t she?

1 thought on “Congratulations, Kansas!

  1. I was wondering how that went.
    I was absolutely gob-smacked to hear it was something that needed voting on in the 21st century.  shock

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