Arab-American psychologist Wafa Sultan interview on Al-Jazeera TV.

This looks like it’s been edited to reduce its length so I have some concerns over what’s been left out, but it’s interesting viewing none-the-less. This took place back on February 21, 2006:

25 thoughts on “Arab-American psychologist Wafa Sultan interview on Al-Jazeera TV.

  1. She is my new heroin; she verbally bitch-slapped her counterpart into submission grin

    Very refreshing; would like to see some of this on US (news) networks, instead of the coddling of everyone’s sensitivities.

  2. Now the only thing we don’t know (since none of us has lived there or is an Arabian Muslim) is this!
    Is she indicative of most of the people there – and the fundies are a small minority – or is she a cry in the wilderness, after all she is now from the States! (and a woman too!)
    Be interesting to hear what some people in the know say abut her views and how they are recieved in the Middle East! (middle class, not tribesmen and camel herders – we already know what they think!)

    Allah Akbar
    Allan W Janssen

  3. While much of what she said was reasonable and really needed to be said, i take issue with one comment.  She said something about jews never kill people as a form of protest. 

    Apparently, we’ve forgotten about the Rabin assassination.

  4. Apparently, we’ve forgotten about the Rabin assassination.

    … and what about the King David Hotel bombing in 1946.
    And don’t forget Baruch Goldstein‘s slaughter of 29 Palestinians worshipping in a mosque in 1994.
    I think what Wafa meant, without too much re-interpretation and spin, is that as a general rule a Moslem is more likely to become suicide bomber than anyone else on the planet.
    It all has to do with the 72 virgins, which I just don’t get.
    I had my monthly lunch today with my little 83 year old Jewish god-mother who has known me since I was four and who lost the bulk of her family to the ashes of Auschwitz.
    For some reason she survived as did Mum, in Ravensbrück for 2.5 years.
    The Middle East situation is keeping her awake nights. Last month she was almost against Israel.
    I printed of about 5 articles I found thru SEB to re-ignite her love and confidence of her heart’s home.
    So when I mentioned the 72 virgins and are they over 16 and are they compliant and are they virgins coz they’re ugly, she laughed and added that they think Paradise is a place like Bali.
    What always amuses me is that I thought you’d be in Allah’s kingdom and earthy pleasure would have to be transcended.
    Of course I wouldn’t have the courage to ask those questions of a Moslem …
    he’d probably blow me up. smile

  5. By the way, just so you know!
    It’s not 72 virgins. It’s a 72 year old virgin.
    A nun!
    Boy are they in for a shock.
    Serves the sumbitches right!

    Your faithfull servant
    Allan W Janssen

  6. Not to forget all the untold others.

    Lest we forget.
    Thanks Elwed.
    I just had to comment on the sad-face.
    Mum died in 95.
    I never remember her with sadness in any way even though she had her ghosts till the end.
    She was the mentally toughest, most alive end exciting (mentally of course) woman I’ve ever known.
    My mother, my step mother and god mother were the best of friends.
    My mother seems to live on through them in some inexplicable way and they often give me insights into the woman who bore me.
    So, I appreciated the sad-face but if mum saw it she’d buzz you. smile

  7. The Price Is Right!

    They say that everything has a Price and I guess for Islamic fundamentalists blowing yourself up for 72 virgins waiting in heaven is the right price. But what if they found out that they are not going to heaven and that there really isnt any virgin waiting for them (let alone 72) but only the previous guys who blew themselves up, will they still be so keen on blowing them selves up?

    I think the problem with these people is the certainity that they are going to heaven. Take that away and the world will be a much better place.

  8. ukq wna w xknejc, opqlez heppha bqygsep sepd w paaju-peju lajeo.

    wjz jk xwhho.

    so there!

  9. If you’re going to write Arabic, please use the actual ِArabic script not this l33t speak transliteration bullshit. Granted, only a small handful of the people reading this site can understand Arabic… And even fewer care about what it is you have to say.


  10. all of u and this damn wafa sultan will be sent to hell bcoz u r racist and anti islamists
    i’m not a muslim
    i’m christian
    but i hate this racist rehotric

  11. Post a comment – OK Jordan, learn how to spell and write properly and then GO FUCK YOURSELF!
    I don’t suffer fools gladly and you especially.

  12. Jordan, please enlighten me as to how any of what Wafa Sultan said was racist?

    Moses, try switching to decaf. You’re a little overly tense.

  13. No Les, this woman has the guts to stand up against the nonsense and crap going on there and he calls it racists to talk about them. I will show you racist. From my blog:

    The latest example of twelfth century thinking, irresponsibility and just plain ignorance was of an Australian Muslim Cleric Taj El Din, [Australia’s most senior] who suggested that female victims of sexual assault have themselves to blame if they dress in ways that Muslims consider immodest. His words were:

    “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside….and the cats come and eat it..whose fault is it, the cats’ or the uncovered meat?” he asked about 500 worshippers.

    “If she had of been in her room, or had been out with her husband and had on her hijab (veil), no problem would have occurred,” he added!

    Now that’s what I call racist and I stand by what I said about fools.
    Your scribe
    Allan W Janssen

  14. Je viens d’écouter votre interview et tenais a vous feliciter pour cette tolérance. Je suis moi même un” heretique” et il est dommage que peu de musulmans pensent comme vous. Ce serait le meilleur moyen d’avancer au lieu de créer une méfiance par apport a l’islam. Votre analyse vous honore et encore une fois, même si c’est simplement une goutte d’eau dans la mer, il fallait le dire Bravo pour votre courage JF Griguer

    Edited by Les to add an English translation:

    I just listened to your interview and wanted to congratulate you for this tolerance. I myself am a “heretic” and it is unfortunate that some Muslims think like you. This would be the best way forward rather than create a suspicion by contribution to Islam. Your analysis of your credit and once again, even if it is just a drop in the sea, he had to say Bravo for your courage Griguer JF

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