Apparently SEB is very popular with

Is anyone else noticing a lot of referrer traffic coming from SEB’s referrer logs are full of it and I find it really hard to believe that Disney is linking to us. I’m not sure if Disney is literally engaged in referrer spamming or if someone setup an anonymous proxy and figured making Disney the referrer would be a cute thing to do. Whichever the case may be, in the last 10 hours we’ve gotten 68 hits from that domain.

What about the rest of you with websites? Noticing a lot of traffic from Disney these days?

4 thoughts on “Apparently SEB is very popular with

  1. If I was to make a wild guess, someone probably linked to you in some way in a forum hosted by Disney or something.

    I had an image from my blog used as an Avatar by someone. That made for some interesting stats.

  2. I am getting these referrers. The visit of the IP address is:

    IP Address
    Country   UNITED STATES
    Region   TEXAS
    City   DALLAS
    Latitude   32.7961
    Longitude   -96.8024

    Is that anything similar?

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