Another religious nut with a doomsday prediction. Now it’s 9/12/2006.

Those Bible Decoder guys are wussies compared to Yisrayl Hawkins. He’s not content to merely predicting when one measly nuclear bomb is going to go off in a major city, no, he’s predicting the start date of all out nuclear war. Come 9/12/06 anyone not wearing SPF 6 Billion is going to have a very bad day. At least according to Yisrayl:

If you can make it all the way through his video I’ll be impressed, I couldn’t watch the whole thing myself. I’ll give him credit for having a much nicer webpage that the Bible Decoder dudes. It looks like Yisrayl spent a few bucks on his design, but you can’t take it with you anyway and after September 12th he’s not going to need it, right? Not to make spurious assumptions about the average intelligence level of Yisrayl’s audience, but it’s telling that he even includes a page instructing folks on how to recognize a nuclear explosion. Don’t want anyone standing around wondering when the bombs start falling.

“Hey Ethel, would you come here for a moment and tell me if that explosion across the street is nuclear or not? I can’t tell.”

13 thoughts on “Another religious nut with a doomsday prediction. Now it’s 9/12/2006.

  1. He got the date wrong, it’s going to happen (or probably not) on, or around, 21st December 2012, will leave it to the bright sparks on this forum to work out why cool smile

  2. Here I thought it was the latest JW prediction date for the end of the world too.  Oh wait, they don’t do that anymore.

  3. Although it isn’t possible to pin it down to a specific date, peak oil may happen somewhere around that time, assuming it hasn’t already happened.

    If you don’t want to use peak oil then there is always the fallback of global supply and demand, some people believe that the global demand for refined oil and associated products will exceed the refining capacity.

    Then there are the estimates of when Iran will achieve (if that isn’t a misnomer) a nuclear weapon capability, some put this at 2015, but since neither Israel or the US would allow Iran to reach that stage they would inevitably use military force to stop them before that time.

    But never mind all that, have fun and be happy grin

  4. If I were to worry endlessly about every possible doomsday scenario I could think of I wouldn’t have time to do anything else in the day.

    So I try to keep my worrying to a minimum without losing sight of potential problems. Balance is important in all things.

  5. Just think of the old Kevin Nealon routine:

    I try to live each day as though it was my last.  It usually takes me until about 11 AM to finish the funeral arrangements.

  6. At least we got to your birthday without it all going mushroom-shaped.

    Happy birthday Les.  smile

  7. Well it’s 2nd January 2007…..

    I’m not convinced….

    Anyone else feel the same?

  8. Peace to All

        Please read my website at I have tried to explain all the things wrong with Yisrayl Hawkins The Wicked Priest. Yisrayl Hawkins is a cold blooded murderer, and has killed many of my friends, and he is selling children for sex slaves into polygamy marriages. I am working with the Texas Law Enforcement to stop Yisrayl Hawkins, and put a permanent end to his teachings, and free these people from his mind-control. I have a list of people who have been murdered on my obituaries page.


  9. Aaargh! I looked at that site and now…I’M FRICKIN’ BLIND! I don’t know what is worse, the spelling/grammar, the text formatting that jumps at random into different fonts with each new paragraph, the font background that goes from yellow to white, to pink in stark contrast to the page background, or the page background itself, which appears to be a mishmash of photos taken from the internets and squished together in MS paint (wow, was that really all one sentence!?).

    I’d have to say that though KPG, Timecube still trumps this guy, since Timecube is original.  This stuff is just rehashed Bible stuff from what I can see. I don’t think anyone was saying the Timecube stuff before that dude put up his site.

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