Alas they don’t carry them in my size…

… otherwise I’d have to make sure someone bought me a set of Armor of God PJs for my birthday this Friday. Which is impressive considering that I don’t wear PJs to bed.

Still, imagine the naughty hi-jinx you could get up to with an adult sized set of PJs like that!

Found via a number of people that have posted it to their blogs as well as about a dozen emails folks sent me about it.

23 thoughts on “Alas they don’t carry them in my size…

  1. I can see these being worn by England fans, because of the big cross of St George. Can we replace the words with ‘Rooney’, ‘Gerard’ and ‘Lennon’?

  2. Wow. And there are people out there that want kids like this. I’ve always thought that indoctrinating children into religion was child abuse.

  3. Frank Sinatra: Basically, I’m for anything that gets you through the night – be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels.


  4. This reminds me of a few years back, when I was flipping through a junk-mail catalog, and I came across apparel for children. I would normally have completely ignored this section if my eye hadn’t caught a “Religious” category. Intrigued (morbidly, perhaps), I started browsing through this section and came upon a picture of a bland Aryan boy with a toy sword, wearing a “Crusades” costume. Disgusted, I immediately threw away the catalog, not bothering to check whether or not child-size “Spanish Inquisition” robes were also offered on the next page.

  5. Y’know, I can’t help but realize that the male young’un there looks a little.. awkward. The only time I made a face like that in a photo is when I was trying to be wierd – which, if I were him, I’d be hamming it up, too, being forced to wear such a ridiculous costume for a photo shoot.

  6. Hey, Arc! What’s up with the name change? You’re right: to put it as eloquently as possible, that boy looks like a total dork. Perhaps he’s being goosed with a cattle-prod in order to smile for the camera, however?

  7. S-Sadie: … to put it as eloquently as possible, that boy looks like a total dork.

    I was gonna use words like wanker and fuckwit but I didn’t want to be as unkind, as S-Sadie wink , as I know he had little choice in the matter of posing – the poor little bastard – and to think this photo is gonna follow him round for the next ?? years. He’s gonna have some hang-ups.
    I wonder what the other kids at school think, but maybe he’s home-schooled. LOL

  8. I have to say that I’m somewhat offended by the gratuitous use of my country’s flag for religious purposes.

    But then I suppose St George was a religious warrior or something. Meh.

  9. I have seen some…. odd stuff in my life but this…. Wow.  While I was reading that, I was certain it had to be a joke.  Man.. I was hoping it was a joke.  I feel sorry for those kids.  I wonder how many pictures they took to get one of them smiling.  I hope none of their friends at school saw it.  Even in grade school, they would have had to pay me an obscene amount of money to go along with something like that to compensate for the trauma if anyone I knew found out about it.  If they’re in public school, they could be scared for life.

  10. Perhaps he’s being goosed with a cattle-prod in order to smile for the camera, however?

    Cattle prod, eh? Is that the euphemism Priests are using these days?

    Come here my son and I shall anoint you with my “cattle prod.”  cool grin

  11. Sadie:
    My old email expired and much of the contact information that used to exist under the pseudonym arc_legion no longer exists. Figured it was time to make a transition, so I revised a few things, here at SEB and elsewhere.

  12. Les: Is that the euphemism Priests are using these days?

    Wow, and people think I’m bad!  LOL

    I assumed the tykes in the photo belonged to the woman whose brainchild was the design of these pajamas. If so, that may explain the boy’s forced expression. Either way, I pity the girl.

  13. Are they treated with flame-retardant chemicals, or will the power of prayer suffice?

    Are kids’ jammies even treated anymore?  I haven’t worn them in a long time and don’t inquire into childrens’ apparel.

    I have a mental image for you: a sleepover where every child is wearing these.

  14. You could’ve just edited your old profile to the new info.

    I did all that, I just went one step further and edited my username, which effectively formed a new account. I suppose an automatic, retroactive change would have been asking a lot raspberry.

  15. Not at all. If you look at your member profile (click View your profile link in the sidebar) you’ll note that the system records you as having made over 260+ comments. If you edited your username you’re still using the same account, you’ve just changed what you use to login. Which is fine.

    I thought you might have started a whole new account as some folks have done in the past. I allow folks to change their usernames along with their screen names if they wish.

  16. LuckyJohn: Noooo-body expects the Spanish Inquisition. 

    I was wondering who was going to do it first. Why does it not surprise me that it was you?  LOL

  17. Look … I’m sorry. I was cornered, no where to go, check-mated, chin-locked; I didn’t have the looxury of anything left to say – I needed to do some deft illusory moves and, and, let’s face it noooo-body can overdose on too much of Monty Python. LOL

  18. …let’s face it noooo-body can overdose on too much of Monty Python. 

    Except for the bird who is no more, I’d presume.  LOL

    Back to the pajamas, I’m sure that they’re horrifying on children (they certainly are on the poor saps photographed), but on adults they just might be hot. There could be a fetish waiting to happen there. If not, they’d certainly make for entertaining party wear. It really is too bad that they aren’t made for adults. smile

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