Why I will miss my boss…

Me: I’m updating my resume. What’s my official job title here?

Boss: What do you want it to be?

Me: Um…

Boss: Because we can make it whatever you want if you think it’ll help. Usually you’d be referred to as a Systems Engineer.

Me (pondering the possibilities): Well… never mind. Systems Engineer works just fine for me.

Besides, I don’t think anyone would buy the idea that my real job title was “Most Awesomest Employee Ever to Grace the Company Tech Support Wonder Dude.”

8 thoughts on “Why I will miss my boss…

  1. My title was recently upgraded to Major Gifts Officer, but I have always wanted my title to be Queen of the Universe and Ruler of Carpathia and all that is Good and Right.  It’s catchy.

  2. I just add an “Xtreme” to whatever job title I had.  Xtreme Library Page, Xtreme Projectionist, Xtreme Transportation Security Officer.  If they ask about it, I say I’m so Xtreme that I tear all the sleeves off of my shirts and disregard the established rules of spelling.

  3. Yeah, funny how satisfying (on different levels) a cool sounding title can be.
    They can also scare off potential employers.
    Oh, to find that happy medium. smile

  4. I wish cool titles equated to cooler new job offers.

    Though, I’m a little afraid to see what “job” offers SEB would receive from the titles I have given him in the past:

    Xtreme Sexy Monster,
    Xtreme Master Pooter,
    Xtreme Captain Underwear,
    Xtreme (Beloved) Gamer Geek,
    Xtreme Most Fabulous Husband (in the World)


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