Update on Blogathon 2006 pledges.

We’re off to a good start for the upcoming Blogathon with a total of 5 pledges totaling $167 so far. Not too shabby at all, but I think we can do better. I’d love to see us beat the total of $193 we raised back when I did this in 2003 and I’m hoping more folks will decide to pitch in and support the cause, especially some of the SEB lurkers. Remember we’re raising money for Americans United for Separation of Church and State which works to defend the Wall of Separation as it comes under increasing attacks from those who would see it undone.

***Dave has sort of turned this into a bit of a rivalry over on his site by pointing out earlier that we were ahead of him in pledges despite the fact that I’m evil and now he’s managed to just barely surpass us with a total of $170. So let’s see if we can’t regain the lead by a healthy margin, eh? We can’t let those goody two-shoes steal all the glory for themselves, right? His blog is all wholesome and stuff with nary a curse word to be found!

All kidding aside, I do appreciate the pledges made so far and I’m looking forward to the event itself which is just a fortnight or so away. If you haven’t made a pledge yet and would like to join in on the fun you can sponsor SEB by clicking here.

1 thought on “Update on Blogathon 2006 pledges.

  1. I have curse words!  Lots of curse words!  Like … um … well, how about dagnabbit!  That’s a curse word!  Kinda!  And frelling!  I say frelling a whole bunch!

    Oh, and I talk about puppies and flowers and rainbows a lot, too!  Hurrah for the forces of good and niceness!

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