Two Christian camp counselors arrested for playing “Naked Mafia’ with campers.

It’s not that I’m at all surprised that a couple of male camp counselors at a Christian summer camp have been accused of “swinging naked from the rafters” and forcing 10 boys in their charge to play sexually explicit games such as “Naked Mafia” which reportedly involved “inappropriate touching.” It’s also not that I’m surprised the campers had “naked time” in the cabins. What surprises me about the Tribune Democrat news item about the incident is the way the executive director of the camp downplays the whole thing:

“They’re really some quality guys who made some very poor decisions, and unfortunately didn’t discern what was appropriate with regard to these 10 boys,” said Kent Biery, executive director at Summer’s Best Two Weeks.

“The bottom line is we can’t have that here,” he said.

“The purpose of Summer’s Best Two Weeks is to form young leaders who make good decisions. Unfortunately, in something like this, you convey something other than that goal. This will be addressed.”

I literally stared at those paragraphs and blinked for a couple of moments as my brain argued with itself over it. He couldn’t possibly be making an attempt at a “Oppsie! Our bad! It won’t happen again!” type of statement, could he? He’s not trying to play this off as a harmless summer camp prank, is he? He couldn’t possibly be that stupid, could he? And then I remembered:

Not stupid. Just reality immune like so many other True Believers™.

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12 thoughts on “Two Christian camp counselors arrested for playing “Naked Mafia’ with campers.

  1. They’ll get a slap on the wrist.  I once helped the EPA nail a Christian summer camp director who buried a half-dozen 55-gallon drums of chlordane less than 150 feet from the waterline of a lake that provides our sister city’s water.  The drums were dug up, the director got a stern talking to, and the employee who drew the map for me eventually quit because they made his life a living hell.  The director is still there years later.

    “Oops!  You aren’t supposed to bury large amounts of insecticide next to city water supplies?  My bad!  I sniffed the drums and they didn’t have an odor so I decided they’d become harmless with age.”  (that last sentence is a quote)

    Hey, it’s church camp.  They’re spreading the gospel.  Church camps are practically invulnerable.

  2. I find that this is frequently the response of Christians to the immoral or unlawful conduct of Christian ‘insiders’  –  Of course, non-Christians are tarred and then burned at the stake.

  3. What’s that old joke about these two old geezers watching who’s leaving the local brothel? They wag their tongues about all those immoral folks and women of easy virtue, but as their priest emerges, they exclaim “OMG! One of the poor girls must be sick!”

  4. Who in their right-or wrong-mind would attempt to defend these guys or even play it down?  But heres my question for the boys, did they get any “jesus juice?”

  5. u’r all dumbfucks!  the counselors weren;t even touching them. ur retatrded, u’ll belive anything wont u . the investagation said that therre was no touching or leering or anyting involved.  U’r all dumb nerds.  haha nerdies!

  6. I’ve tried in the past to mimic, in comments, these paper cut-outs of aware human beings, but I’ve never gotten them right. They’re too garrulously exotic for me to groove on.

  7. It might not be sufficiently clear that I’m reacting to the previous poster.

    As for the two camp counselors, they’re one big idea away from discovering and utilizing “Roofies”.

  8. There’s no point in trying to refute “stupidkid’s” comment as it pretty much does the job for me.

  9. Yup. Justification for the behavior:

    “Duh, the investigashun said their waz no tuching.” sick

    Oh. Well then. . .

    As long as nobody touched anybody that would make it somehow better, wouldn’t it??? Shall we all send our kids off to Naked Mafia Camp?

    *Read gross sarcasm here*  rolleyes

  10. Sure, there was no touching, but the goat licking was a bit out of line. And I never suspected what uses you could put a trout and a frisbee to.

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