Trailer for Valve’s upcoming First Person Puzzle (FPP?) game: Portal.

Valve is creating a bit of a buzz among gamers with an interesting puzzle game they’ve got in development called Portal that may be the first instance of a truly FPP (first person puzzle) game. The idea is simple enough: You’re placed in a room with obstacles to overcome and the only tool you have at hand is a gun that creates a portal on any surface you shoot it with. Slap two of them up on opposite walls and you can step through from one to the other. The following trailer starts with a simple example and then proceeds to show just how crazy this game can get:

This looks like it would be a blast to play with just from a dicking-around-with-it standpoint where you try to see how crazy a combo you can come up with before the game melts your PC. Apparently it may be partly inspired by a similar weapon in the newly released Prey, but taken a step further in its implementation.

Alas this clever puzzler is being overshadowed by another recent Valve announcement of the long awaited Team Fortress 2 which will be included as part of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. I’m looking forward to the updated TF (check out the teaser trailer here) as I was a fan of the original Half-Life mod, but I’m more intrigued by the possibilities presented by Portal.

Found via Kotaku.

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