The Doctor Who Fan Song.

My buddy (and fellow Who fan) Hairboy sent this one to me. Sad, but I can relate.

19 thoughts on “The Doctor Who Fan Song.

  1. Haha. The Chasers War on Everything is probably my favourite show right now.

    Except Doctor Who, of course.

  2. Mick: The Chasers War on Everything

    Yeah, those blokes are pretty funny, A?
    They used to have a show which I think was called CNNN.
    This is one of the blokes from the Chasers.
    I just YouTubed ‘chasers war’ and got more takes.

  3. Mate, thanks for the newspaper link (required reading in future) and confirmation it was CNNNN.
    I YouTubed it and got ‘The Chaser team do it again, this time ripping on christians and their collection plates’ at a studio version of Hillsong, the fastest growing xian church in Sydney.
    And one parodying Microsoft.
    And one parodying some dumb people in the USA. Sorry. We have our share to, you know. LOL

  4. Well, shit.

    Three measly posts and I can’t get back into my own blog. The password I originally put in isn’t being accepted and putting in my user name and clicking on “Send me my password” results in absolutely nothing.

    And of course blogaddict’s front page provides absolutely no way to contact them at all.


    Anybody got any suggestions for decent, free, blog sites to set up on. Just can’t afford a pay site at the momment…..

  5. Ah, WordPress good.

    Everything’s up and running and easy to use. Thanks again, Les.

    And of course SEB is the first site to end up on my blogroll….

  6. Just a quick note to all you USians.

    Some cracking Who episodes.

    Last week ‘Blink’ really worked the time angle rather than just the hero with solution stuff.

    Series finale is a 3 parter



  7. You can build a thone of bayonettes,

    LH, what the fuck’s a fucking thone?

    Yes, I know you meant thRone – it was my childish aspect taking control again – she does that sometimes … more than I care to admit.

  8. Unlike a throne of bayonets, it is possible to sit on a fucking throne for a long time—at least until the lube dries out.

  9. I have no idea what you mean

    Nor will anyone else now, you pommy thone fixer-upperer. smile

  10. (Continuity announcer)…that is the end of the shipping forecast. And now back to the Cricket with Henry Blofeld

    (Blowers) My dear old thing, that was an astounding last ball from Lucky John.  High wide and not very handsome.  What do you think brought that on Geoffrey?

    (Boycott) Well this Aussie lad bowled what looked a beautiful googly about mis-spelling, right down the corridor of uncertainty into the block-hole, and this young Hussar lad flicked him away to mid-wicket, making John look foolish, and making him retailiate with the worn out ‘pommy’ bowl. You just can’t bowl like that in the modern game, you just can’t.

  11. You just can’t bowl like that in the modern game, you just can’t.

    Whatever it takes.
    A man called Douglas Jardine taught us that. We didn’t immediately take it up cos it seemed un-gentle-manly.
    Many years later in NZ we bowled a last ball that has gone down in history as tactically the best but also the most un-gentle-manly ball ever bowled in the history of the great game of cricket.
    It’s still talked about. LOL

  12. Whatever it takes.

    Actually I was implying a wide, with a possibility of bye. Angry bowlers

    you pommy thone fixer-upperer

    are rarely accurate.

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